So you’ve been using Teamwork Projects on a Free Forever plan and you’ve already started to see the benefits of using a project management tool to manage your work.  You’re hitting your deadlines more reliably. You and your small team all know what to prioritize at any given moment. Everyone can see at a glance what the others are working on. You’ve even created some boards so you can visually represent your tasks as they progress on their journey. 

Overall, things are flowing more smoothly. You’re saving time, developing processes that help you become more organized and efficient, and starting to build out your own best practices. Woo!

The Free Forever plan is great for teams who are just getting started, but as you start to build on your successes and get serious about taking your team’s performance to the next level, you need more.

But how do you know when it’s time to take that next step? Here are a few indicators that you’re ready to take your team to the next level — and keep your momentum going.

The Free Forever plan gives you enough file space, projects, and just enough users to get started, but as you start building out your workflows, you’ll likely find its limitations, well…limiting. 

It’s hard to represent all of your complex processes when you’re trying to squeeze them into just two projects — and with only 5 users to get everything done. 

With the Deliver plan, you can 10x your people and have up to 50 users and 300 projects. (We did the math — that’s 298 more projects than the Free Forever plan!)  But it’s not just about adding more people. Even if you’re a small team that’s planning on staying that way for the foreseeable future, the Deliver plan has tons of benefits that will empower all 1-5 of you to become more productive, efficient, and impactful, so you can get more done with fewer people. 

You’ve found a way of working that works for you. Now what? The Deliver plan can help you to iterate on your wins and save time in the process.  With the Project Templates feature (exclusive to our Deliver plan and up), you can create templates from scratch or turn your existing projects into templates so you can replicate your best successes again and again.


Not only do Project Templates help you to ensure consistency and best practices across your entire organization, but they’re also huge time-savers, letting you reclaim hours in manual admin setups while still ensuring that you never miss a step (and without sacrificing detail). Learn more about Project Templates in this blog post.

Switching between tools and trawling through folders to find what you’re looking for is a major time-waster. And when you do find the file, how can you be sure you’re working from the most up-to-date version — and that there’s not a more recent copy hiding on someone’s hard drive? With the Deliver plan, you can connect your file storage solution to Teamwork Projects and attach files directly to tasks in Teamwork Projects effortlessly. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive,…integrating your favorite file storage solution with Teamwork Projects not only helps you to centralize your important project information and stay focused, but it also helps you to save space on your Teamwork Projects site.


With the Deliver plan, you can keep your work moving from directly within Teamwork Projects. Once you’ve added your files, you can  use to Document Editor — another feature exclusive to the Deliver plan and up — to keep progress flowing and work with context.  The Document Editor allows you to download, open, edit, and save changes to files stored within Teamwork Projects without having to upload them again manually. It works with the applications that you already have on your computer, such as Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, LibreOffice, and Adobe Photoshop, as well as certain other image file types. Not only that, but while you’re editing, the document will be locked so that no one else can edit it at the same time and accidentally overwrite your changes — meaning that you can be sure you’re always working from the most recent master doc.


Older versions are saved along the way, meaning that you have a full history, more accountability, and the option to quickly and easily revert if you need to go back to an older version.

On Free Forever, you’re limited to just three columns per board. That’s fine if you’re only dealing with To Do, Doing, and Done, but what about when you want to chart out more complex processes? On the Deliver Plan, you can add as many columns as you need to create boards that work the way you need. 

Another great benefit of having full access to the Board View feature is that it gives you the ability to automate your workflow with Triggers. You can add triggers to automate the admin (like adding tags, assigning or reassigning owners, and more), making your process not only more time-efficient but also more consistent and organized.


(Learn more about just one of the ways we use Board View here at Teamwork in this post.) And if you want to create an even more customized and automated experience, the Deliver plan lets you dig into our API and set up webhooks that help you to be more efficient, productive, and data-driven. If that sounds like your kinda thing, you can learn more about using webhooks here.

Naturally, we’re big fans of our 100% free team chat platform, Teamwork Chat. (Have you seen the improvements we’ve been making lately? 😍) But hey, we understand: if you use Slack, you want options, too. With Teamwork Projects Deliver, you can use our Slack integration to keep your conversations productive and manage work directly from your team chat software. Turn messages in Slack into tasks in Teamwork Projects, get real-time notifications on your progress, add comments, and more, all from one place.

If you’re ready to unlock the features you need to take your team’s performance to the next level, you can upgrade your plan at any time from the subscription area of your site