View your data directly in HubSpot with the Get Project Data Workflow

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We're rolling out the orange carpet to introduce an all-new HubSpot workflow! You may already know and love the dynamic duo of HubSpot and from our popular integration, with multiple automations and workflows that help you cut down on manual work.

Today, we’re taking this partnership to the next level by introducing a brand new, first-of-its-kind sync with HubSpot that further enhances your ability to monitor project performance and keep projects on time and on budget—all while cutting down on the time it takes you to gather tangible insights into your project health, progress, and profitability.

Whether you’re a project manager digging into individual project health, or a business owner looking to get an at-a-glance view of the overall performance of your client work, this sync addresses your unique challenges and sheds a light on what’s going well (and where there’s room for improvement).

When you need to access and analyze your project data, HubSpot custom properties come in super handy, from deals to tickets to contacts and beyond. With this new sync, you can automate and customize data synchronization between Teamwork and HubSpot through custom workflows. Ultimately, this lets you visualize and report on the crucial project metrics that matter most to you, right within your HubSpot dashboards.

With a little help from HubSpot's custom reporting feature, you can then translate this data into valuable reports relating to project details.

Here’s a rundown of how it works—and why it’s going to be a game-changer for connecting the dots around financial performance—helping you keep an eye on profitability to make better data-backed decisions.

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Get unique insights into individual project health and profitability

Now you can see a comprehensive view of your data in easy-to-digest dashboards with clear visualizations, helping you grasp granular data at both individual and project levels that you’ve never had access to before in this way.

To start, create custom properties that map to specific project details to HubSpot deals. In order for custom properties in HubSpot to map to data, you'll need to set up one mandatory property for project ID, which is your unique identifier. From there, you can create additional custom properties for any further project data you want to sync.

To get up and running with the rest of the workflow, head here for a step-by-step walkthrough.

So long slow, inefficient workflows

Once you're set up and ready to go, does the bulk of the heavy lifting for you by automating key workflows that directly feed the most important client and project-level data into your HubSpot account so you can focus on work that really matters. With up-to-date insights from both tools, you’ll always have access to the latest information on a daily basis.

One central hub for everything

By decreasing the number of disparate tools and systems you need to track key metrics related to client work, this sync ensures you’ll have one go-to place within HubSpot to consistently and instantly monitor all of your projects—and without the extra lift and potential errors that come with manual data entry and calculations.

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Connect your financial performance from with HubSpot’s in-depth analytics

Whether you’re looking at a quarterly budget, year-end profitability, or overall project health performance, you can pair with HubSpot for more detailed insights into your financial operations so you know which projects and clients need more attention.

Confidently forecast predictions and better understand your team’s future capacity for client work

When it comes to financial performance—the most important data benchmarks for anyone doing client work— is the first and only all-in-one platform for client work to integrate with HubSpot specifically to give you the key metrics you need. Ultimately, this enables you to track your work like never before, keeping you aligned on project health and profitability so you know how current work is progressing—and how much new work you’re equipped to take on.

Optimize for profitability by better understanding where time and money are being allocated, allowing you to change course as needed. Plus, you’ll have better insights into keeping your work on time and on budget based on individual project progress.

So whether you’re a project manager, ops manager, or owner of a business fueled by client work, start using this new sync to give you complete operational control and visibility right within HubSpot. And best of all, it’s powered by the all-in-one client work platform your team knows and loves.

This feature is available to users on Grow and Scale subscriptions and is also dependent on your HubSpot subscription. Want to take advantage of this feature? Drop a quick note to and we’ll be in touch!

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