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Create projects, tasks, messages, milestones, events, and more in directly from HubSpot.

What happens when you combine the power of two of your favorite platforms for client work? With the integration, get ready for a whole new world of automated features and processes to help you save time and align your internal teams.

Stay on top of your client work

Because is the only project management platform built specifically for client work, pairing it with HubSpot helps you deliver work on time and on budget, eliminate client chaos, and better understand profitability.

Align your sales and marketing teams’s HubSpot-certified app seamlessly connects deals to, smoothing the path from sales to client-facing teams so important information is never lost or glossed over.

Seamlessly connect deals from HubSpot to

Equip your revenue-driven teams with powerful tools to make deals and track progress. Plus, you can even create projects in directly from a deal in HubSpot, adding helpful context you need to close the deal.

Maximize billable time

Ensure your team focuses on their most important tasks with the ability to log time on client work as soon as they close a deal.

Get a step-by-step breakdown of how to enable the integration here.

Take your client work to the next level with the automation

With’s HubSpot automation, you can seamlessly connect to your HubSpot account, enabling you to create projects and tasks automatically. That means minimal effort on your part, thanks to and HubSpot doing the heavy lifting for you.

Create projects and tasks when a deal changes in HubSpot

Bid adieu to timely manual steps when creating projects and tasks directly from HubSpot. With the help of the HubSpot automation, you can easily initiate a Teamwork project to be created when a HubSpot deal changes to a certain stage of the pipeline, optimizing the sales-to-onboarding handoff in the process.

Take advantage of project management templates

Choose from multiple templates that allow you to perform the same actions every time you need to set up work for a new client. That way, you never have to worry about missing a step along the way.

Avoid poor handoffs and reduce churn

Streamline the process from sales to onboarding to customer success by reducing the time from contract signed to first steps with every new customer.

Impress new clients

Connect the buyer journey from sales to client onboarding and delight your newest customers with an impressive, efficient experience right from the get-go. 

Set up your client services team for success with Workflows

By combining the power of HubSpot and, streamlining the process for onboarding new clients and kicking off projects is simpler than ever.

With Workflows, you can create tasks or projects within whenever updates occur in HubSpot—from deals to tickets to contacts and more. That way, you can generate detailed projects and tasks from the moment you sign a new client. No more costly onboarding delays, no more unnecessary manual work on your part.

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Streamline new client onboarding

Want to get your new clients up and running ASAP? Say hello to a variety of Workflow triggers in HubSpot that instantly create projects and tasks when HubSpot objects are created or changed. Who said it’s not possible to start onboarding new clients as soon as you close a deal? (Certainly not us.)

Sync your sales and client services

Because information between HubSpot and gets automatically shared, your sales and client services teams will always be on the same page. You can even set up your Workflow to automatically map data from HubSpot properties into your project or task titles and descriptions so you never miss any important details.

Get the full picture of your client operations

With the ability to create tasks and projects directly from HubSpot, you’ll always have full insights into your client operations. Plus, you can link your tasks and projects to relevant deals, contacts, or campaigns, providing a holistic view of the client lifecycle. 

Learn more

Want to find out more about using the Integration and Automation? Our Help Docs have you covered, with detailed step-by-step information, including:

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