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This message is a shout out to Teamwork.com's customer support. With over 2 million active customers you still have time for individual attention. 

Since signing up over five years ago and using Teamwork Projects on multiple installs, positive and regular feedback to queries and suggestions makes me feel like Teamwork.com are genuinely interested in their customers needs. Dan Mackey appreciate the assistance you gave me last Friday. - it will make a big difference for our company.
Russell Chappe de Leonval JC Property Management (Pty) Ltd
By far the best SaaS based project management solution I've seen!

I'm director of IT and IS for a medium size business in So Cal area. I've been looking for an online project management tool to use with my project team. I found you guys on Google and I must say I love this product so far.

I'm using the free account to get used to the features but I have to say, this squashes some of the other apps I've seen in the market. Love the interface, the layout, and the features. I'm trying to think if there's anything I need that's not here but I'm not finding anything yet.

You guys are awesome!
Mike Hakopyan I.T. Manager at San Gabriel Transit, Inc.
Just been searching the internet for PM software that has useful integration with @GoogleDrive. @teamwork coming out on top!
@nessimoffat Jul 13, 2016
The bulk change tool for modifying all events in a Task List is a thing of beauty! Thank you again @teamwork
@rdolishny Jun 7, 2016
Teamwork Projects makes it possible for our team to manage all of our projects more efficiently. Team communication has also improved dramatically since we started using the software.
Md. Shahriar Islam Chief Operating Officer at Chambers Institute
We thoroughly researched a lot of project management systems. From Basecamp, to Jira, to Asana, you name it. We literally covered all the market since we were thinking of making a product of our own. We are a R&D hardware and software company.

Teamwork Projects is a perfect balance of usability and power.

Where JIRA complicates things with so much extensions and their ridiculous licensing system for such add-ons, which makes it pricy (check their forums, everybody complains about this), Teamwork Projects offers an excellent system out of the box.

Teamwork Projects is the only great system which we could find that also shines in it's pricing. It uses a very fair pricing scheme based on a per number of projects basis instead of per user. Which makes it possible for medium size companies like use to use. We sincerely thank you for that.

We have just started using Teamwork Projects, and their features are so well designed and the pipeline so well thought, that just by using them you almost implicitly feel you are been given an introductory course in general Project Management.

Congratulations for the Teamwork.com team.
Antoine Guidi CEO at Elevenminds
@teamwork Support is amazing. So happy we’ve gone with them for PM at @learningninjas.
@briandusablon Apr 19, 2016
@teamwork keeps getting better, new project overview is outstanding, the redevelopment of TKO is awesome! hi 5 to them #projectmanagement
@BrownsMensland Dec 20, 2016
Congratulations on an excellent product - and on getting the Teamwork.com domain - which I believe is an excellent tool for project management. Having used many applications over the years, I am very impressed with your application and with your pricing model.

I established Trinity College's Programme Management Office some years ago and am now Programme Director of our GeneSIS Project and have seen the benefit of your product over a server based alternative. I hope to continue the use of Teamwork Projects in Trinity and to extend it to other areas.
John Lawlor Programme Director - GeneSIS Project at Trinity College Dublin
Now using @teamwork from Ireland to manage part-time web and email projects. Oh my... how did I ever live without you?! #BestPMSoftwareEver
@GracefulHabits Jan 13, 2017
@teamwork You have one of the best project management app + customer service in the world <3 Love what you do guys (since 2012). #brandcrush
@NadineNBone Mar 18, 2017
What started out as a project management tool for Enterprise Applications was quickly adopted across all of Technology Services. We’ve started using Teamwork Projects outside of IT to manage projects across the organization.  I only wish we had discovered the software sooner!
Greg Bailey Director, Enterprise Applications at North Iowa Area Community College
Having been a Teamwork Trainer for over eight years, it's hard to not sound biased. Instead, let me summarize what our clients like about Teamwork.

Teamwork is easy to use, and easy to understand. That ease doesn't minimize its power. It is the industry leading cloud-based, task-based, project management platform. Period.

Teamwork is constantly being updated, revised, improved. Whether it's new features to keep ahead of the competition, or revitalizing old systems to have even greater functionality, or even rewriting the entire program using updating languages to perform even better ... well, that's just what Teamwork does.

But don't take my word for it. Teamwork wins business awards year after year. They continue to receive accolades from hundreds of thousands of users.

We have the capacity to teach anything: DaPulse, Asana, Basecamp, and many others. Why do we keep coming back to Teamwork for 95% of our clients? Quite simply, because it works.
Marcus Dickinson CEO/How to Project
In case you haven't heard it in a while, please let me mention how freakin' amazing Teamwork is!

Seriously... Very, very impressive! Every time I find myself in a situation like, 'wonder how the hell I can pull this off?!'... a quick Google search points to a page that shows how Teamwork can easily pull off the task.

Really great work guys... Keep it up (and thank you for getting me organized!)


Allen Benedikt
Allen Benedikt 12ozProphet
I have found @teamwork: a thoughtfully designed project management tool with great feature set. looking to graduate to this from trello.
@t1m0 Jul 29, 2016
@basecamp Just to let you know: We're gone to @teamwork, despite all. It's the better product, better than BC3. Farewell after exactly 7yrs!
@Helge Aug 3, 2016
I've been using Teamwork.com for about 3 weeks now. Before, my team was using Trello, Desk.com, emails, and a several other services to coordinate projects and appointments. Teamwork's integration between their Projects software, Chat software, and Desk helpdesk is simply incredible. 

Having software that talks to itself, is easy and intuitive, and comes with all these features at a very reasonable price is terrific. I give two thumbs up and recommend this to any team trying to stay organized. Well done!
Kelly Executive Assistant
I think that more colleges and universities should take a closer look at Teamwork Projects. It proved its worth for me in the corporate world, and I know that it's one of the technologies that has real value in higher ed as well.
Michael Corr Director of Marketing and Communications at Moravian College
Teamwork Projects isn't flashy, it's all about doing the job well. There's a humble and integral attitude about Teamwork.com which we really admire. Teamwork Projects is fundamental to how we run our business. We're all really delighted to be using it. It’s definitely improved the way we work, collaborate, and organize everything!
Mat Bennett Managing Director at OKO Digital
To me, the best testimonial of any system is: Can I get my team to use it? Are people adopting it? Are the people in my company using it without me having to beat them over the head? 

I don't have to bully anyone into using Teamwork Projects. They just get on with it. I guess because it's so useful and user-friendly. People just seem to naturally like it. Nobody needs a tutorial because it's easy to figure it out. I don't even have to train people on it. They use it. That’s the real testimonial of a good tool: people using it without you telling them to.
Debbie Levitt Founder & CEO at Ptype UX Consultancy
Running a business can be difficult, especially trying to use the right project management tool to manage my business. I have been searching for a tool to not only help me organize my projects but help me grow my business. I searched through the list of Project Management software available today and decided to try out Teamwork Projects, which has exceeded my expectations.

In just 2 short weeks, with the help of the TeamworkPM amazing support team I was able to organize my clients, their projects, keep my clients informed, increase client project engagement, run reports on the projects, view summaries, be updated on the road in real time and so much more. Plus thanks to Teamwork and the support team showing me how to streamline my business I have signed on 2 new clients and have a 3rd one coming on potentially today, just in the last 2 weeks.

If you are looking for a project management software that manages your clients and your business projects as well helps you grow your business I highly recommend you give Teamwork Projects a try.
Brandon Krieger CEO at KNSS Consulting Group Inc
Teamwork Projects is simple and intuitive project management site. We were amazed at how easy it was to track how long we were working on tasks from using the timer to manually entering our time. What really impressed us though was the classifications we could make and the detail in which we could see once we needed to break down as our Senior Project continued throughout the year. 

As a team we were so glad we used Teamwork Projects instead of doing it through excel like most of the other teams did, which turned out to be a huge headache for them.
Paul Darragh Student at RIT
Simply the best.

We've been testing (and using) some of the most known collaborative project management systems in the market, and actually we were resigned to their common limitations. Fortunately we met Teamwork Projects and we were very impressed with its brilliant features, workflow and look & feel. We definitively moved all our projects to Teamwork Projects.

We use the moto "If you do it right, it will last forever". Please keep on doing it right ;)
Goncalo Malho CEO at Jelly Code - Web & Graphic Design
I used Teamwork Projects last term for organising an academic software project , saved so much time and effort ! @teamwork
@00MURCHU Mar 25, 2016
We're a two person shop with a lot projects that need to be kept on track. After almost two years of  cobbling together information, I just couldn't take it anymore. The issue for us was that we needed to have checklists on work in process and a simple way to set up deliverables when onboarding new clients. 

I spent days getting all of our processes set up at a new project management program, but within two days of switching, it was clear it wasn't a good fit. Thanks goodness someone brought Teamwork Projects up that day in a forum I was in. 

Another day of switching all our processes over to Teamwork Projects and it's been awesome. Pretty much everything I hoped it could do, Teamwork Projects does and more. The workflow is smoother and less stressful and client onboarding has went from a big chunk of the day to about 1/2 hour. 

We've been able to close down our time tracking software since Teamwork has it built in. It has really made a big difference in our productivity and efficiency. Thanks.
Stormy Knight Partner
Moved a long time Business customer over to @teamwork to organise there way of work, lots of problems now solved #teamwork #projects
@aidanocallaghan Mar 3, 2016
"What's new in Basecamp 3". I'll tell you what isn't new: being far, far inferior to @teamwork, that's what
@m1ke_ellis Sep 14, 2016
In addition to Teamwork, we looked at Asana, Basecamp, ProofHub and ActiveCollab.

We only signed up for Teamwork last week and we’re already blown away.  All of our show stoppers and nice to haves are not just fulfilled, but completely exceeded. We’d given up on having a German language interface so long ago that it wasn’t even on our list. You can imagine our delight to find that it’s already in Teamwork, even if English does creep in in some places. 

And then came the “Oh my God” moment. I just discovered that we can import our Basecamp projects together with people  to Teamwork and move the people to their own companies. Congratulations on a MEGA product. So well thought out, so much attention to detail with all the functionality we could ask for and more, but perfectly balanced for our clients to use without any special training. I’m not usually given to hyperbolic Americanisms, but YOU GUYS ROCK!
Steve Hyde Hyde & Hyde
First of all I LOVE this software. I've been using Basecamp for a few months, and was introduced to Teamwork Projects by a client. I immediately saw that you had the functionality I wanted that Basecamp does not. I started on the trial, and am a complete convert. I hope to finish porting all our projects over this weekend.

Love what you're doing here. Beautiful software. Thank you.
Heather Head Chief Content Officer at Scopcity.com
Teamwork Projects is an outstanding collaborative project tool. I use it across a wide variety of project types in highly virtual and diverse environments.  Its ease of use is extremely valuable in managing projects in environments where the project management expertise is very low, if not non-existent. It helps us deliver successful projects and create project management knowledge, skills and abilities at the same time! In addition to the great application, the exceptional support and commitment to the evolution of the product makes Teamwork Projects the best tool out there.

What prompted me to write this testimonial was a conversation I had yesterday with a colleague around how we really look forward to the new features always being added. It just keeps getting better!
Murray Dion President, Syntolis Group Inc., Canada
@teamwork Our hats off to ya! We just finished reviewing at least 6 major #projectmanagement tools, none came close to you guys :) so #happy
@SymmetraAgency Nov 23, 2016
We moved to @teamwork and I can already see the benefits of the new tool! So much better than our last tool. #productivity
@lancemoore22 Aug 16, 2016
After using several project management tools, I have to say that @teamwork is the best 1: Nice features, great interface & mob device app.
@decodesurfer Mar 23, 2016
Millennial question of the day: What is a Gantt chart? Migrating our #projectmanagement to @teamwork + @HubSpot integration = #SUCCESS
@nextinym Mar 21, 2017
#Teamwork @teamwork rocks, not sure what I'd do without you guys. Thanks and keep up the great work! You run my 10 year old company!
@aaronhemmelgarn Dec 8, 2016
Trying out again #teamwork #projects Amazing as always! Looking forward to see Departments and #Kanban @teamwork
@gpbonifazi Jan 21, 2017

I've been slowly integrating Teamwork into our workflow here into our In-house marcom department and I couldn't be happier with the balance of features vs. simplicity. Is it perfect? No. Is it close? Yes. :) I love that you are always trying to improve the software without getting an out of control feature bloat. Love the new Gantt Chart and can't wait to start really using it. 

Keep up the good work! 
Creative Supervisor / AD
Brandon M
Teamwork Projects helps the business owner keep the business moving in the same direction, rather than having to slow down and do actual project management.
Mike Taber Founder of Moon River Software at Moon River Software, Inc.
I am a Marketing Executive and I have been working remotely from The Netherlands on and off over the past few months, and Teamwork Projects has been crucial in me doing so. 

Teamwork Projects helps me stay in touch with other members of the Marketing team, and also gives my manager visibility over the work that I have been doing.Teamwork Projects has been an incredibly valuable technology that has helped me to work as effectively remotely as I would have done if I had been in the office.
Jack Saville Marketing Executive at Smart Pension
seriously @teamwork if your software were a human being, I would hug it so hard right now
@sugarrae Jul 26, 2016

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