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Just deployed @teamwork to my mktg squad, and I am just giddy with thoughts of organized, collaborative to-do lists. Oh, the possibilities!
@Kennedy_KT Aug 23, 2016
This testimonial is long overdue!  I've been using Teamwork for 9-months now and loving every minute of it.  Here's why:

I co-founded non-profit practitioners' knowledge and advocacy network for micro hydropower in south and southeast Asia.  For 3-years we had been experimenting with different modes of internal communication.  As the network's coordinator, I have found great relief and excitement in using Teamwork for the following reasons:

1.  Rather than having to dig thru emails or listserve messages, with Teamwork I can ensure that all communication within the network can be found project-wise and country-wise.  This means that when new members join the network, they can easily get up-to-speed by reviewing the activities in each project.

2.  Before deciding on Teamwork, I reviewed nearly 10 other products.  I also trialed about half of them.  Teamwork clearly offers a combination that the others don't:  a suite of collaboration tools, an easy-to-use interface with wonderful tutorials, and an incredible customer support service -- all at a cost that is within our startup budget.

3.  Most importantly, Teamwork has given me hope that ready-made tools do exist and are accessible for our specific purpose, especially since Teamwork is always very careful to note my questions/concerns/wishlist and actually incorporate them!  It's fantastic feeling to know that the Teamwork team is always working to improve their products.

We will still have yet to use all of Teamwork's increasing set of features.  I'm especially exciting to use the new Chat and the updated Projects.
Dipti Vaghela Coordinator
After trying many collaborative project tools, we've definitely chosen Teamwork Projects for its ease of use and all functionalities offered.
Laurent Lourenco CIO & Program Director at FINDUS
We're a two person shop with a lot projects that need to be kept on track. After almost two years of  cobbling together information, I just couldn't take it anymore. The issue for us was that we needed to have checklists on work in process and a simple way to set up deliverables when onboarding new clients. 

I spent days getting all of our processes set up at a new project management program, but within two days of switching, it was clear it wasn't a good fit. Thanks goodness someone brought Teamwork Projects up that day in a forum I was in. 

Another day of switching all our processes over to Teamwork Projects and it's been awesome. Pretty much everything I hoped it could do, Teamwork Projects does and more. The workflow is smoother and less stressful and client onboarding has went from a big chunk of the day to about 1/2 hour. 

We've been able to close down our time tracking software since Teamwork has it built in. It has really made a big difference in our productivity and efficiency. Thanks.
Stormy Knight Partner
After using several project management tools, I have to say that @teamwork is the best 1: Nice features, great interface & mob device app.
@decodesurfer Mar 23, 2016
To me, the best testimonial of any system is: Can I get my team to use it? Are people adopting it? Are the people in my company using it without me having to beat them over the head? 

I don't have to bully anyone into using Teamwork Projects. They just get on with it. I guess because it's so useful and user-friendly. People just seem to naturally like it. Nobody needs a tutorial because it's easy to figure it out. I don't even have to train people on it. They use it. That’s the real testimonial of a good tool: people using it without you telling them to.
Debbie Levitt Founder & CEO at Ptype UX Consultancy
@basecamp Just to let you know: We're gone to @teamwork, despite all. It's the better product, better than BC3. Farewell after exactly 7yrs!
@Helge Aug 3, 2016
The bulk change tool for modifying all events in a Task List is a thing of beauty! Thank you again @teamwork
@rdolishny Jun 7, 2016
I'm a big fan of @teamwork for managing simple or complex projects with a distributed virtual team of performers and stakeholders. @lrnchat
@peterbergh Feb 24, 2017
I've been using Teamwork.com for about 3 weeks now. Before, my team was using Trello, Desk.com, emails, and a several other services to coordinate projects and appointments. Teamwork's integration between their Projects software, Chat software, and Desk helpdesk is simply incredible. 

Having software that talks to itself, is easy and intuitive, and comes with all these features at a very reasonable price is terrific. I give two thumbs up and recommend this to any team trying to stay organized. Well done!
Kelly Executive Assistant
We transitioned to Teamwork Projects from a nightmarish ActiveCollab/Basecamp mutant hybrid and it is the best business decision we've ever made. Teamwork Projects is a beautiful balance that's simple enough to get buy in and collaboration from entire client teams but powerful enough to manage effectively complex projects. 

I have both Prince 2 and PMP qualifications and I've literally seen what the entire industry has to offer. No project management software is as simple to use or as powerful. It's deceptively simple and that's a really great thing that you need to experience to understand. 

My personal favourite part of Teamwork Projects is how well it's designed. It's FAST. The engineering team have done and do an amazing job at keeping Teamwork.com just like a native desktop application. The Teamwork Projects support team is also shockingly good. Coming from other platforms, it's a bit of an adjustment to actually deal with support staff who treat your problem as their problem. 

With Teamwork Projects, in the space of two years, we cut down on client churn by 80%. That's a HUGE deal for us! Keeping a client is our highest business priority and Teamwork Projects is absolutely pivotal in ensuring that is kept in check.  As we all know, communication can be the difference between a happy and an unhappy customer and Teamwork Projects enables us to score consistent 10s for communication. Our overall customer satisfaction rate has increased from 89% to 97% since switching to Teamwork Projects. 

Using Teamwork Desk in conjunction is looking like this year is going to get us to 100%. We can tie almost €1M in additional turnover directly to the process and customer satisfaction improvements that Teamwork Projects has enabled. Considering the product subscription is such incredible value for money, it's by far our biggest internal return on investment. Long may it last! If you've tried everything else (and yes, I've felt the pain of dredging through them all too), you've finally found what you're looking for.
Dave Davis Managing Director at Redfly Digital
I've worked as a manager for two other companies in the past. Both companies had the CEO off the premise for most of the time and communications were very difficult at best. 

Now, I work with a company that uses Teamwork and I work in a different USA state than my boss. Our project management is a breeze! Teamwork lets me create events, tasks, reminders, have chats with people, send messages and do SO much more - all from the same platform. 

We do a lot of virtual meetings with GoToMeeting and Skype and the Notebook feature Teamwork has, lets me easily keep notes and quickly send them out to the team without having to type up long emails or set a reminder to do it later.

Teamwork has taken the place of Excel, Outlook (emails), Google Drive, and Desk.com. We use Teamwork Projects, Chat, and Helpdesk for all our company management and could not be happier. 

Thank you Teamwork for creating such a robust, yet intuitive software system.

As a project manager for an inter-national company who works regularly with India, the Philippians, Europe, and the USA I highly recommend Teamwork for anyone who wants to stay on-top of what they and their team is doing.
Kelly Project Manager
Teamwork Projects consistently exceeds my expectations. It has totally changed the way our business works, and I can’t fathom how we used to get by without it!
Jay Baer President at Convince & Convert
Teamwork Projects is simple and intuitive project management site. We were amazed at how easy it was to track how long we were working on tasks from using the timer to manually entering our time. What really impressed us though was the classifications we could make and the detail in which we could see once we needed to break down as our Senior Project continued throughout the year. 

As a team we were so glad we used Teamwork Projects instead of doing it through excel like most of the other teams did, which turned out to be a huge headache for them.
Paul Darragh Student at RIT
#Teamwork @teamwork rocks, not sure what I'd do without you guys. Thanks and keep up the great work! You run my 10 year old company!
@aaronhemmelgarn Dec 8, 2016
If you're an agency and not using @teamwork you're basically nuts. PM is amazing, not to mention helpdesk and docs. Fantastic.
@m1ke_ellis Jul 8, 2016
Eureka... At last I found it! For the last 7 years I have been struggling to get an online PM tool that can save my team of artists from the complexity and usability of UI. Sometimes it was the cost too that was too discouraging. I must say, Teamwork Projects fits my bill and also my company. It was learnt in a day by my team and now they have adapted it on their day to day work. Thanks for the Android, Ipad and Iphone App. Life is easier now. Thanks to your team from the bottom of our heart.
Sachin Puthran Thatz it Pvt Ltd.
Teamwork Projects helps the business owner keep the business moving in the same direction, rather than having to slow down and do actual project management.
Mike Taber Founder of Moon River Software at Moon River Software, Inc.
I used Teamwork Projects last term for organising an academic software project , saved so much time and effort ! @teamwork
@00MURCHU Mar 25, 2016
In case you haven't heard it in a while, please let me mention how freakin' amazing Teamwork is!

Seriously... Very, very impressive! Every time I find myself in a situation like, 'wonder how the hell I can pull this off?!'... a quick Google search points to a page that shows how Teamwork can easily pull off the task.

Really great work guys... Keep it up (and thank you for getting me organized!)


Allen Benedikt
Allen Benedikt 12ozProphet
Running a business can be difficult, especially trying to use the right project management tool to manage my business. I have been searching for a tool to not only help me organize my projects but help me grow my business. I searched through the list of Project Management software available today and decided to try out Teamwork Projects, which has exceeded my expectations.

In just 2 short weeks, with the help of the TeamworkPM amazing support team I was able to organize my clients, their projects, keep my clients informed, increase client project engagement, run reports on the projects, view summaries, be updated on the road in real time and so much more. Plus thanks to Teamwork and the support team showing me how to streamline my business I have signed on 2 new clients and have a 3rd one coming on potentially today, just in the last 2 weeks.

If you are looking for a project management software that manages your clients and your business projects as well helps you grow your business I highly recommend you give Teamwork Projects a try.
Brandon Krieger CEO at KNSS Consulting Group Inc
We moved to @teamwork and I can already see the benefits of the new tool! So much better than our last tool. #productivity
@lancemoore22 Aug 16, 2016
@teamwork Support is amazing. So happy we’ve gone with them for PM at @learningninjas.
@briandusablon Apr 19, 2016
Hey @teamwork I love the new calendar features!! Good Job!
@jenlew Sep 19, 2016
Getting the @renegadempire team on board with @teamwork and loving it! Such project clarity, much wow.
@Simon_L_Kelly Apr 22, 2016
Smashing through website bugs with @TrackDuck connected to @teamwork! Awesome combo making the workflow easy for our clients
@Simon_L_Kelly Jun 2, 2016
We are absolutely DELIGHTED with Teamwork Projects. We have been using Basecamp Classic since 2007 and got to the point where the feature/functional limitations were negatively impacting our business. Over the years, we looked at other systems, including the new Basecamp, but did not move forward since the improvements were incremental. In some cases, mission critical features, such as dependencies and time tracking were non-existent. 

Several weeks ago, we make the decision to take another run at finding a new project system. I visited Capterra and read the summaries of various systems. Teamwork really stood out. In fact, the team here at Find8 was quite skeptical that this brilliant system actually existed.

We signed up for a demo account. Each step along the way we kept thinking, “Where’s the flaw?” However, with each project, setting and task that we set up, we found that Teamwork Projects did everything as promised.

We finished our migration from Basecamp yesterday. The import process was flawless! Our clients have all switched over, too, as we sent them instructions about how to login with a new password. At the end of the day we held our first status meeting using Teamwork Projects. Again, we were delighted. The reporting system gave us the details AND high level views that we need to effectively run our business.

It’s like you read our minds when designing Teamwork Projects. It has everything we’ve been looking for, and more. We didn’t realize that using iOS Messenger was so lame when compared to Teamwork Chat Beta. Wow, we can assign tasks right from a message. OMG, we can run Happiness reports with Teamwork Desk to gauge customer satisfaction. Overall, we are so IMPRESSED!
Karla Shelton Chief Digital Strategist at Find8 Digital www.findeight.com
@teamwork By far the best PM program! Amazing Support, Interface, user friendly. Love Love Love!
@BORNGroup Mar 28, 2016
Hi, I've used Basecamp considerably and I have to say I'm so impressed with Teamwork Projects compared to it, I love the flexibility of being able to assign a task to more than one person, prioritising tasks is great and the privacy button is definitely needed at times. A first class thought through package and the videos are such a help. I look forward to the rolling it out to our company.
Steven Whitfield Operations Director Brands at Walker Greenbank PLC
@teamwork You have one of the best project management app + customer service in the world <3 Love what you do guys (since 2012). #brandcrush
@NadineNBone Mar 18, 2017
Millennial question of the day: What is a Gantt chart? Migrating our #projectmanagement to @teamwork + @HubSpot integration = #SUCCESS
@nextinym Mar 21, 2017
@teamwork keeps getting better, new project overview is outstanding, the redevelopment of TKO is awesome! hi 5 to them #projectmanagement
@BrownsMensland Dec 20, 2016
We've been using Teamwork for 2 years now and I would say it is the most efficient and well designed project management tool for service providers. it provides a key element in organizing our tasks and resources as well as being a very effective tool for managing staff and freelancers as well.

Teamwork is a significant added value to any project team and I would, for sure, recommend it as the best project management tool for service providers.
Hodba Khalaf Chief Technical Officer
Teamwork Projects isn't flashy, it's all about doing the job well. There's a humble and integral attitude about Teamwork.com which we really admire. Teamwork Projects is fundamental to how we run our business. We're all really delighted to be using it. It’s definitely improved the way we work, collaborate, and organize everything!
Mat Bennett Managing Director at OKO Digital
Simply the best.

We've been testing (and using) some of the most known collaborative project management systems in the market, and actually we were resigned to their common limitations. Fortunately we met Teamwork Projects and we were very impressed with its brilliant features, workflow and look & feel. We definitively moved all our projects to Teamwork Projects.

We use the moto "If you do it right, it will last forever". Please keep on doing it right ;)
Goncalo Malho CEO at Jelly Code - Web & Graphic Design
I highly recommend @teamwork for businesses looking for PM software. Its incredible, awesome support, We Love it! #getstuffdone
@BORNGroup Mar 28, 2016
#HatTip to @teamwork #projects - love finding a tool that's immediately productive - easy to grok & hit the ground running! #TwoThumbsUp
@andrewconnell Jan 14, 2017
Trying out again #teamwork #projects Amazing as always! Looking forward to see Departments and #Kanban @teamwork
@gpbonifazi Jan 21, 2017
We also have to mention how helpful @teamwork is for project management! Game changer. #marketing #RVAHUG #tipsandtricks #richmond
@HUGRichmond Mar 2, 2016
Been using @teamwork for a month now! Wow a total game changer on how we do projects. Love the system! #productivity
@gerhardpeters Oct 19, 2016

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