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Organize Everything

Email is messy.
Get your messages organized.

Working on multiple projects with many clients and team members could make your inbox look like a battlefield. Communicate within Teamwork Projects. It will help you collaborate better and save you a lot of time searching through emails.

Get Your Messages Organized

Get your files organized

Project specification, wireframes, mockups, documents, licenses, and more. Keep them secure, shared, and organized in categories and subcategories. Keep files private between you and your team for internal review until they are ready to be shown to your client.

Get Your Files Organized
File Version Control

File version control

File versions allows you to upload new adaptations on files. So you can easily make changes and update your work. Teamwork Projects will manage the versions for you with a comment system and options provided for each.

Files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive

Files from Dropbox, Google Drive,, and One Drive

Import files directly from your favorite apps with our Small Office, Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Easy edit your files with Teamwork Projects Document Editor

Easily edit your files with Teamwork Projects Document Editor

With the document editor you can edit files in Teamwork Projects without leaving the app. Once you've made an edit, it will save the file in Teamwork Projects as a new version. The document editor requires an initial download and is available on small office, professional and business plans.

Share notes and ideas

The notebook section allows you to write a formatted text page that can be revised and edited by other members within the project. Notebook pages can be used to write pretty much anything from a press release, to website content, to even keeping track of your thoughts and ideas during a project. You can arrange notebooks by categories, leave comments, and create multiple versions of a single notebook page. You can easily share and edit notebooks. With the revision system, you can compare different versions of the document made by other project members.

Share Notes & Ideas

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Great way to manage loads of assets for Custom Magazine files and Catalogs. Creating milestones for all to view, edit and mark as complete(!) has truly maximized our efficiency. Thanks for the great videos and customer service that makes me smile. I got a call from Ireland!
Gina Daschbach Gina Daschbach Creative Director
About 4/5 years ago I introduced Teamwork Projects to a previous company, and it helped to transform the productivity of the entire team. I moved on to another job and brought the software with me. It filled a large void in providing visibility and task management capabilities. Initially, it started off with just my team using Teamwork Projects, and now the whole company are in on the act, and with the help of your techies, I even built an Oracle interface for it (which is published on your website). Keep up the good work!
Barry Brierley Barry Brierley IT Delivery Manager

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