The Best Agile Project Management Tools To Use In 2024 & Beyond

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You and your team need great software to manage your work. But great project management software needs to keep up not only with your team but also with market changes.

Over the past five years, a new method of project management, called Agile, has responded to the demand for a more adaptive and evolutionary project management process. 

It does little good to adopt the Agile method while still using software that bogs down or complicates your projects.

The best agile project management software should go hand-in-hand with the Agile method and make these adaptations smooth, fast, and easy.

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The Agile Advantage

In a fast-changing business world with rapid market and technology shifts, Agile delivers. As the name suggests, Agile is the most flexible project management method and offers four core values:

  • Individuals and interactions over process and tools

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation

  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

  • Responding to change over following a plan

While other methods are like trains on rails, Agile is a Mini Cooper that can reverse, U-turn, change directions, or switch gears at the drop of a hat. 

So what is the best Agile project management software out there today? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular tools.

The Best Agile Project Management Tools?

Blog post image covers all the project management essentials your agency needs, including creating tasks and projects, uploading files, and adding comments. But project managers using also have access to advanced features for complex projects, such as integrated time tracking, financial management, robust reporting, and free access for clients.

Here are just some of the reasons why is the perfect agile project management software:

Built for complex client work

With, you get access to rich features such as subtasks, task dependencies, client users, and uncapped integrations – providing more options, more freedom, and more opportunities to empower your team.

Financial budgeting and reporting has a full-suite of financial and budget management tools that provide a real-time overview of project health and profitability.

With, you can easily track expenses and view budget breakdowns for any project or task. You can also customize and pull profitability reports on any project, at any time – providing full visibility so you always stay on track. 

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Premium client accessibility

Some project management platforms make it difficult to add new clients or projects to your project planning tool. They want you to pay for each new client user or have you jump through hoops to bring them onboard. doesn't work that way.

With, you can add unlimited client users completely free of charge. You can also tailor their privacy to control exactly what they can and can’t see easily from your dashboard settings., so no one has more access than they need to see for their own projects.

Unlimited integration actions

With, there is no cap on the number of actions performed through an integration. This means you can focus on streamlining your workflows and getting work done without worrying about arbitrary action numbers.

We may be biased, but we’ve poured our heart and our experience in project management into the design of It’s a top-notch pick that will allow you and your team to grow, work with ease, and efficiently tackle projects.


Nifty Is an intuitive and easy to use project management solution for agile teams. Nifty allows you to manage projects, which are housed in portfolios that enable teams to roadmap, manage tasks (via both kanban and list boards), track time and automate workflow processes.

Mainly used by mid sized businesses Nifty can unite teams by acting as a central hub for agile teams.

Here are a few of Nifty’s Main features:

  • Milestones: Nifty’s milestones make it incredibly easy to automate status reporting. Another advantage is that you can create milestones directly from the task module.

  • Tasks: With Nifty the entire team has the ability to manage tasks and task lists in a kanban or list view, as well as share their tasks with a public link.

  • Docs: Nifty has a two way integration with Google docs, enabling teams to work in a google doc collaboratively directly from Nifty itself. Nifty also has its own document tool for teams not currently working on Google products.

Nifty is best suited for mid sized teams due to its economical pricing structure, great deal of features and easy onboarding.

ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is a perfect project management solution for agile teams. It allows you to initiate, track and manage open projects through tasks and sub-tasks. Each task and subtask is managed through a progress bar in percentile and set deadlines that enable the project team to deliver the desired tasks within the set timeline.

ProProfs Project can be used by individuals, small businesses, startups and enterprise companies to manage projects with an agile approach.

Here are a few ProProfs Project’s main features:

  • Single Dashboard View: ProProfs Project helps you create projects, their tasks and subtasks from the same dashboard view. That means you no longer have to switch between different windows to create and assign projects to the right teams.

  • Billable and Non-billable Hours Invoice: Receive your project payments on time with ProProfs Project invoice feature. You can generate and send both billable and non-billable invoices in a matter of a few clicks.

  • Project Views: ProProfs Project supports multiple project views like calendar, Gantt Charts Kanban and project workflow. This helps teams remain agile and identify loopholes to avoid delays in deliverables in future.

ProProfs Project is an ideal agile project management software that has both free and paid plans.


GanttPRO gives Agile teams exactly what they need: flexibility, collaboration, readiness to react to changes and switch directions, and an intuitive interface with a short learning curve. If your team expands, there will be no problems to onboard new members to your projects.

It is one of those tools that can be successfully used in a variety of spheres. For a quick start, GanttPRO even offers a bunch of project management templates with predefined structures.

Here are a few of GanttPRO’s main features:

  • Easy-to-understand Gantt chart timeline: GanttPRO offers one of the most intuitive Gantt chart timelines so that everyone at any stage of a project can be sure about tasks and their dates. Besides, the software also offers a Board view, My task list, and some other view options.

  • Collaboration: GanttPRO serves as central storage for all project-related information. Managers and teams can describe and comment tasks, attach files, mention teammates, and receive real-time notifications.

  • Resource management: GanttPRO is a powerful resource management tool, too. It allows taking into account different scenarios with duration, estimation, time log, and avoiding resource overload.

GanttPRO is a good solution for companies and projects of all sizes, with competitive pricing to boot.


This platform combines project management with collaboration and file storage so that teams can work together within a shared space. Asana allows its users to utilize other programs like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel that can be manually inputted by each user to organize their goals, plans, tasks, and files.

Here are a few of Asana’s key features:

  • List View: Asana helps its users organize and assign tasks with lists. Each team member can immediately see what needs to be done, which tasks are a priority, and when the work is due. 

  • Timeline: Asana’s timeline shows project managers and teams how their work will map out over time. This feature allows for overlapping, and unscheduled tasks.

  • Boards: With Asana’s Boards feature, your team can define each stage of work to see what’s important and notice any jams in the project. 

Good for small teams and less complex projects, Asana is an easy-to-use option with a clean layout.


Hive is a powerful project management and remote work tool built to help teams work better together. Used by teams at places like Google, Starbucks, Comcast and Toyota, Hive is a great option for agile organizations of all sizes. Work efficiently and collaborate seamlessly with Hive’s suite of project management features.

Some additional capabilities include:

  • Views: Hive has flexible project views, including Gantt, Kanban and portfolio

  • Time Tracking: Hive includes Time tracking and resource management

  • Analytics: Powerful analytics to track individual and team progress

  • Integrations: Hive has over 1,000 integrations with tools like Zoom and Gmail

Hive is a good tool for agile project management teams of all shapes and sizes.


ProofHub is an all-in-one project management software with excellent collaboration features. You can use it to plan your projects, collaborate with remote workers, organize files and documents, and stay in ultimate control of everything. 

Designed to simplify the way teams work, ProofHub has got an easy-to-use interface. Create workflows, track project progress, manage roles, review and proof files, track time, and do a lot more. ProofHub gives you a central place for all your tasks, projects, teams, and communications.

Here are some of the main features of ProofHub:

  • Planning: ProofHub focuses on simplifying project planning with features like Gantt charts and custom workflows. The software makes it easy for teams to plan their projects and tasks and execute them with minimum fuss. 

  • Collaboration: a powerful team collaboration software, ProofHub offers a dedicated space to carry out real-time discussions, an in-built chat app, and an online proofing tool. 

  • Reporting: ProofHub allows you to create custom reports with parameters of your choice, view project progress using timeline, track time spent on tasks using an automatic timer, and keep an eye on everything. 

ProofHub is ideal for large teams, offering unlimited projects and users at a fraction of the cost compared to other enterprise products.


nTask is a robust agile project management software used by teams of any size to manage work from ideation to project close. nTask enable teams to create unlimited projects, tasks, and timesheets to make projects a success. Using this application, you can assign tasks to your team members, set status, due dates, notify task owners and visualize progress with the help of Gantt charts. 

It is one of the favorite project management tools for SME's and startups, due to it's economical pricing plan. nTask makes team collaboration and work management a seamless effort, and help avoid information falling through the cracks. This app brings all your organization, including your distributed teams, on a single page making it easier to achieve your project goals and help meet the deadlines. 

Here are a few of nTask's main features:

  • Workflow management: nTask make it easy to have a bird's eye view on all the tasks in your projects. The interactive Gantt chart view help in manage workflows and powerful decision making. You can create task dependencies, set milestones and find critical path

  • Time tracking: The timesheet management and time tracking feature allows your team to log time spent on each task, and send it to managers for approval. 

  • Project Collaboration: nTask enable teams to collaborate on tasks and projects by reducing the information gap and help in meeting the project deadlines. 

Setting up nTask for your business and project doesn't need any technical expertise, as this can be used by anyone and start using it in minutes of signup. nTask offers useful features free for team of five, and the paid plans starting at $2.99 is loved by SME's and startups as their complete project management suite.


Infinity is a fully flexible and customizable work management software that doubles as an agile project management tool, meaning that agile teams can collaborate flawlessly within it.

In addition to having a complete overview of each sprint, Infinity also lets you assign tasks to your team members, track progress for each sprint, plan and prepare backlogs, keep an eye on bugs of different kinds, and a lot more.

The best part about it is that you have the freedom to create a system that’s exactly to your needs, by using the tool’s infinite structure, over 20 custom attributes, and six different views (Table, Gantt, Kanban, List, Form, and Calendar). 

Some of Infinity’s main agile project management features include:

  • Task Management—Create as many tasks as you want, track their progress, and assign them to (multiple) team members, and that way stay on top of all your work.

  • Multiple Views—Choose one of the six views for your data and projects, and get a different perspective on what you need to do.

  • Document Management—Keep all of your agile projects, tasks, and documents organized and in a single place.

Infinity is great both for smaller and larger agile teams, but the best part is that it comes at a lifetime price, with the lowest plan starting at $149.


Hygger is a powerful Kanban tool that perfectly suits software development teams. It is comparable with other platforms like JIRA and Trello, and has many great features in comparison.

The platform offers outstanding features that are loved by both tech and non-tech people. It is easy to use and friendly. Hygger offers four kinds of project boards: a Kanban board, a list board (to-do lists), a Sprint board, and a timeline. Here are a few of Hygger's main features:

  • Digital Kanban boards with Swim-lanes, WIP (work in progress) limits, and time tracking. Swim-lanes allow you to split the board horizontally for easy categorization of different tasks. WIP limits help to define all roadblocks and inefficiencies..

  • Backlog prioritization. Hygger provides powerful prioritization frameworks, offering various complexity: Eisenhower matrix, Value vs Effort prioritization matrix, Value vs Risk matrix, ICE scoring system, RICE scoring model, Weighted Scoring.

  • Handy roadmaps based on Gantt Charts, for advanced planning and scheduling.

If you are looking for a multi functional Kanban tool, Hygger is a great choice. This project management software totally suits development teams, product companies, medium-sized enterprises, and startups. You may use a free trial or try Standard or Enterprise plans.


Ziflow is a standalone online proofing solution for agile marketing and brand teams. For creative teams that generate large volumes of content, assets, and campaigns, Ziflow is an excellent tool for facilitating the complex review, approval and digital version tracking across many working groups, stakeholders, clients, and creative production stages. Ziflow’s main features include: 

  • Marketing Workflow Automation: Customizable review stages, review groups, triggered actions, and notifications around new versions and changes to marketing help standardize and control the cadence of marketing production.

  • Review & Approval Controls: Decision checklists, content status updates, and automatic review reminders and tasks directly on content proofs keep projects moving and keep everyone informed on where creative work is in the approval process.

  • Annotation and Versioning Tools: Real-time proofing, content versioning, side-by-side comparison, measurement, and markup can be used across 1,200 file types, so you can track changes across virtually any type of campaign and asset, end-to-end. 

Ziflow gives agile teams a more efficient way to collaborate with stakeholders and clients on creative content as it flows from ideation to creation to completion and move away from email, PDF printouts, or missed versions in the creative production process. was made for managers of all kinds, including agile project managers. This team management platform blends together project management features like boards, timelines, calendars, and kanban. Like other project management software, brings work and communication into one place. 

With, you can import from Excel to an existing board, plan projects, and track progress. The platform also offers overview features like budget trackers and overall progress graphs.

Here are a few of’s unique features:

  • High-Level Board: offers customizable tables that track the big picture. These High-Level Boards can be organized by quarters, months, phases, clients, or projects, and they allow you to see an overview of everything you and your team are working on. 

  • Low-Level Board: With, teams can manage the details and tasks of a project with Low-Level Boards. Unlike the High-Level birds-eye view, these boards track a project closely. Use these boards to manage time, shifts, resources, and daily or weekly to-do lists. 

  • Dashboard:’s Dashboards display important info and monitor KPIs in one place. Here, you’ll be able to examine a project’s progress, track budgets, and estimate teammates’ workloads. 

While not designed specifically for agile project managers, can be a viable option for larger companies and teams.


This helpful project management software boasts of configurable workflows. Clarizen allows an unlimited number of projects. Here, you can collaborate with your team, track budgets and expenses, automate processes, and set up alerts.

More often used by enterprise organizations, Clarizen helps businesses solve challenges, streamline work, automate processes, and work more effectively from strategic initiatives to team execution. This agile project management software allows for connection across entire organizations, offering a holistic approach where different teams can share goals and hold each other accountable.

Here are a few of Clarizen’s main features:

  • Collaboration: Clarizen’s focus is combining robust agile project management with social collaboration. The platform is created to facilitate team collaboration and project execution and includes a chat app.

  • Budgets: With Clarizen, you can manage and track project budgets. This agile project management tool also allows for billable and non-billable work items to be tracked and managed throughout the project.

  • Timeline: Clarizen allows teams and managers to track and manage each projects’ timeline. Their features include time-tracking as well as timesheet management.

Clarizen is best suited for enterprise organizations. Although it’s on the expensive side and less streamlined than other options, Clarizen is easy to set up and navigate.

Like the other agile project management tools on our list, offers a central hub where teams can plan and work together. Combining project planning and scheduling features with collaboration tools, can handle small or large projects and teams. 

This software allows teams to adjust due dates with drag and drop scheduling, attach files, and add comments. has several features including task management and timesheets that can be auto-filled with last week’s tasks, as well as Gantt charts, project planning features, and a real-time dashboard. includes the following features:

  • Gantt Chart:’s interactive Gantt chart allows its users to plan in sprints or plan waterfall projects. 

  • Kanban and Dashboards: Users can organize work with drag-and-drop cards and custom columns on’s Kanban boards. Its customizable project dashboards offer at-a-glance info that helps you see whether your team is on track.

  • Management and Reports: This software allows team members to easily see which tasks need to be prioritized each day. Managers can also access and create status reports to share as a PDF, Word, or Excel file. could be a good option for you if you’re managing multiple projects and multiple teams.

How to Pick the Right Agile Project Management Software For Your Team

In order to choose the right agile project management software, you first need to consider factors specific to your business. The size of your business and team, the amount of features you require, and which features your agile team uses and values most need to be considered.

Having the right software in place will truly transform your day-to-day--at least we know will. How do we know? Because we’ve been in your shoes. 

The wisest advice comes from those who’ve grappled with a problem personally. At, our founders know the struggles and challenges agile project managers face because they managed their own projects while running their agency. That’s why we created make each workday a good day. 

But of course, you’ll have to see for yourself. Try out a full month for free. Don’t worry, we won’t even ask for your credit card info. We just really think you’ll love it.

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