Carl Hendy is an independent digital consultant at within e-commerce and online gambling vertical. When we heard from him about how Teamwork Projects is an all-in-one solution for him and his team, we were delighted to have the opportunity to interview him about his experience. We love hearing from our customers about how our products have helped solve problems or improved productivity. Here is the interview:

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your business.

I work as an independent digital consultant at within e-commerce and online gambling vertical. Before going it alone, I headed up two large international SEO teams and was based in Central London. I have 13 years experience in competitive SEO and clients have included John Lewis, O2, Aviva, and Bwin.Party.

 2. Why did you start using Teamwork Projects?

I spent around 4–6 months with our head of client services looking for a suitable solution to managing multiple clients across different time zones, to improve the onboarding process of new employees and to improve the consistency of document based work across the team. I had looked and demo tested all the competitors which included Asana, Basecamp, and others then found, which ticks all boxes for my requirements but also added a level of ease of use and made it easy to have separate areas for clients and team members.

3. What are you favorite features?

  • The separation of team members and client contacts.

  • Being able to assign tasks through email.

  • Using task templates to improve the onboarding process for new employees and new client accounts.

  • Drag and drop for prioritisation.

  • File version control (this has been useful so many times).

  • Audit trail of responsibility and actions (this has financially beneficial time and time again).

4. What makes Teamwork Projects the right solution for business?

Teamwork Projects easily integrates to many common software platforms being used within companies. With the increasing number of employees working from home or from international offices, Teamwork Projects allows all team members to be aware of current projects and tasks in play and who is accountable for each task.

Teamwork Projects has time and time again saved my business and my client’s money through being able to track accountability and version control making it very cost effective.

5. Would you recommend us to others?

100% yes I would / I do. There is a running joke with a couple of my clients with regards to how much I encourage team members to use Teamwork Projects.

 6. Anything else to add?

There are still many more features I would like to integrate into the way I work with clients and to improve further the onboarding processing with new clients.  

I recommend to new users of Teamwork Projects to spend time understanding the platform before rolling it out to teams and speak to your teams as to how they feel it can help manage their workloads.

Teamwork Projects offers an all-in-one solution for managing employees and clients within the same platform. has made our teams more efficient which allows us to spend more time with our clients. Thank you to Carl for reaching out to us to share your success story.

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