Each time we have a new update, you’ll be the first to know with our regular Product Updates. The Teamwork Projects team have been busy and we’ve 12 new updates to tell you about. From new card views, color coded projects to changes in the calendar, there’s been a host of great updates  in Teamwork Projects. Take a look, we’d love to hear your feedback. 

1. Card View for Projects

We’ve made viewing all of your Projects a lot more visual. You wanted a way to view active people on a project, and so we are introducing our new ‘Card View’. This shows the avatar for everyone who is on the project, so you can see at a glance who is working on what. 
Check out this video to see Card View in action. 
Card View

2. Color Coded Projects

You can now assign a color to each project which allows you to easily differentiate between projects at a quick glance and makes organizing your projects easier. Check out this video for a quick demo on how to assign colors to your projects. We’ve no doubt you’ll love this little addition.

Choose your color

Colour coded Projects

Color Coded Projects

Colour coded projects

3. Task templates – sidebar and dedicated page

Task templates are really useful and now we’ve made it easier to scan through all of your templates. Here are the new updates:
(1) Templates are now listed in the sidebar and this allows you to rapidly filter the templates.
(2) Templates now have their own dedicated pages which means that you can share the url to an individual template and go directly to an individual task list template instead of loading all other templates.
Task Templates

4. Mentions by project roles

We’re fond of @mentions over here at Teamwork HQ and now we bring you mentioning by project roles. This gives you a quick way to include multiple people at once in a conversation depending on their role on a project.
To do this, make sure that you have roles already set up. Next, in the comments section of a task just type @ followed by the role name. In the example below we have used @marketing which will notify everyone who has been assigned to the Marketing Role.
Mentioning by role

5. Indent sub-tasks with one click

Organize your tasks much more quickly with ‘indenting and outdenting sub-tasks’. Let’s say you want to create a large task list for a new website. Instead of spending time creating tasks and then sub-tasks, just create a flat list and then use this new shortcut to turn tasks into subtasks.
All you have to do is hover over the name of the task, and press ‘Tab’ and the sub-task will automatically indent. You can indent as many sub-tasks as you want and build a hierarchy of tasks. See below for a before and after.

Task indenting and outdenting


6. New ‘People’ section when creating a Project

Previously, when a new project was created it required multiple clicks to add users to that project. Now, to make life a little bit easier, it can all be done at once by using the new ‘People’ section in ‘Add Project’. Just start typing the name of the person you would like to add, and the names will filter automatically. 

Begin to search users by name

21. Adding people

Automatically filters by name

23. Adding people 3

7. Changes to ‘Add Event’ in Calendar

We’ve made inviting attendees and setting reminders easier by making a few changes to the ‘Add Event’ option in calendar: 
(1) quickly filter attendees by just typing in their name
(2) see people’s images / avatars as this appears under ‘Who is attending’. This helps identify people with the same or similar names. 


Adding people to a meeting


Adding people Beta

8. Task quick view on Calendar with new tooltip

Previously, if you wanted to view a task that had been linked to the Calendar, you had to leave the Calendar page. Now, when you hover on tasks linked in the Calendar a tooltip (looks like a magnifying glass) appears.
When you click on this tooltip, a preview screen appears on the right hand side, and this allows you to edit the task, while staying in Calendar.
Hover over calendar task

9. Task quick view on dependencies with new tooltip

Similar to quickview in the Calendar, we have added a tooltip for dependencies. If you have a task that is dependent on another, look for the dependency symbol (two small boxes that are linked). Hover on this and the tooltip will appear. Click on this and the task will appear in a quick view screen on the right hand side of the page.
Dependencies tooltip

10. User avatars when mentioning and assigning users

If, like us, you are a growing company which is adding new faces every day, or you have a big team or you’re simply not too good with names,  then you’ll love the addition of user avatars when mentioning names. You’ll be able to see exactly who you are mentioning or assigning a task to. The only thing now is to get the professional headshots taken!


Before no avatars when mentioning


Beta avatars appearing

11. Default avatars

Before, when a new user was added, a default avatar was added. Now, we have changed this so that the avatar has the first and last initial of the new user’s name, so much easier to tell who is who. And, people will no longer start their Teamwork Projects journey as an egg!
Default avatars

12. Changes to creating first Project

So, you’ve found Teamwork Projects and the love affair is just beginning. It’s time to start creating that all important first project. To make this as easy as possible, we’ve placed all of the options such as Description, Company, People, Features, Dates, Advanced, under a new button called ‘More Options’. This allows new users to just name their first Project and come back to the options at a later stage.

New: ‘More Options’

New projects - first project before

Expands to show more detailed options

Add Project - after
So that’s it for this round of updates. As you can see, we’ve been busy! Please let us know what you think. And as soon as we have more updates for you, we’ll let you know the minute they go live.