Let’s jump back to October of 2019.

We opened a beautiful new office in Belfast, Northern Ireland, overlooking the iconic Harland and Wolff shipyard. The office was a huge investment for Teamwork, $1.2 million in renovation and outfitting, only to find it empty in March of this year. Just recently, we queried all our staff with how they’d like to work once our offices are back open: the majority leans toward a hybrid approach of working from home and coming into the office twice or so per week. We now find ourselves re-evaluating our office spaces and people policies heading into 2021. 

2020 has been a series of experiments and challenges for every business. Most of us had no option but to adapt to remote work. Companies were trying to coordinate business priorities, morale, culture, and fostering productivity, while employees at home were juggling home life and work responsibilities. Luckily 22% of Teamwork’s workforce was already remote and with products made for collaboration, the quick transition was a little easier. But, it didn’t come without challenges!

To share our experience and learnings from the past 6 months, we’ve teamed up with our partners from Hive Tech HR to bring a live event “The Great Remote Work Experiment – the chemistry of people and technology” – where we’ll discuss how people and technology can create a catalyst for growth during the current climate.

What we’ll cover in the live event: 

  • Results of our employee survey on the positives and negatives of remote working. 

  • How Teamwork can make it work – technology and processes. 

  • Is remote working here to stay? 

We’re very passionate about sharing our experiences so far in this remote working experiment. Join our CEO Peter Coppinger and our partners from Hive Tech HR on October 22nd, 3pm – 4.30pm EST when they talk about “The Great Remote Work Experiment – the chemistry between people and technology”. Grab your free ticket here. See you there!