It’s been another been crazy busy month here at Teamwork Projects! We have some massive improvements for you this month. Recurring tasks! We are excited that one of the top requested features has been rolled out. This has just gone live today. Read the blog post  New in Teamwork Projects: Recurring Tasks.  

Another big improvement to Teamwork Projects, this too get its own blog post –Notebooks – A Love Story.  

A subtle but nice improvement to Teamwork Projects. Check out the blog post  New in Teamwork: Custom Favicon and iPad/iPhone Icons.  

Such an obvious feature that we overlooked it for so long! We finally added the ability to rename the files you upload to Teamwork Projects. Useful if someone uploaded a file with a generic name, such as MeetingNotes.doc  

The file upload screen got a bit of love this month. We now present the file upload in a “Lightbox” overlaid on top of the screen. We’ve also improved the UI with better styling and spacing. Everything looks much neater and feels better.  

By popular request we’ve added the ability for you to quickly load in the full list of files instead of 25 at a time. You’ll find the option at the bottom right of the files page (when you have lots of files).  

Many of you are going to love this – you can now log your time on any project directly from the All Time page. You can add multiple items at once nice and quickly.  

In the past, your site logo and company logo had to be the same image. But this may not suit all of you! We have added the ability to upload a different site logo and company logo. It’s a small thing but many of you requested this feature.   Other improvements

  • Better drag handle on tasks (Bigger and easier to grab!)

  • Adding and editing of time logs is now in a Lightbox

  • Improved Task Report – We’ve added 2 new options: Include Late Tasks and Include Anytime Tasks

  • Improved iPhone and iPad support

  • Optimized the login process – ajax-based with redirect straight to correct page instead of JavaScript redirect

  • Lots of minor UI enhancements – Toned down prominence of RSS link on the Dashboard for example

  • Billing tab – Export invoice to PDF now shows total time

  • Some love for the Import Users: now more robust, handles foreign characters and non UTF-8. Also handles some new formats and has better vcard support.

  • Settings pages – Import and Export tabs now side by side

  • Task via Email: You can now use @person to specify who the task is assigned to (e.g: @dan) – We work this out for you based on users first and last names!

  • OpenID: now handles openID for Google Apps (Domains) – Google does some strange oAuth Dances!

  • API – Tasks can now link in existing attachments and pendingFileAttachments

  • Everything page – Sort by project now remembers the selected display order

  • API – Added progress into all task requests. The killer monkeys got a day out this month!

  • All Tasks: Added company name under Project Name to help differentiate projects named the same but belonging to different companies

  • Categories: Mouse over truncated categories now show full name

  • Projects page – Selected category name now displays in page title

  • Notebooks editor upgrade – It even works in iOS5 Beta on iPad!

  Some bug fixes (or “Easter Eggs” as we like to call them)

  • Task Timer Bug Fix: On Everything the description box was not showing in some cases

  • Files: Disable dragging when viewing files attached to tasks

  • Files: Chrome: Fixed link clicking of thumbnail

  • Security Update: Users: Permissions: If user is not an administrator but can manage people, block them from editing administrator accounts or setting project access on People page. (not really a bug but a result of the new Can Manage People setting)

  • Files were losing selected category when sorting

  • Fixed a date uploaded display glitch in files for certain users (timezones)

  • Markdown: Auto-linking improved in code blocks (Dan’s hair is now fully gray)

  • Extra time allowed for backup creation

  • API Fix – todo_lists.xml now returning the names of all people assigned

  • API Fix – /todo_lists/{id}.xml now returns “private”

  • Fix for preferences not retrieving – Freshbook credentials were not being remembered! (Cheers Zach!)

  We’ve been working round the clock and the sweat is dripping off us. Hope you like the changes! We’re already deep into the next round….