During Teamwork Spaces’ 12 Days of Christmas, we'll be sharing tips, best practices, use cases, and releasing new features to help you get the most out of Teamwork Spaces.

Marketing teams are at the core of delivering on key business strategies through innovative campaigns. Often looked upon as the linchpin for internal and external communications, being able to effectively drive awareness of new offerings to each stakeholder can result in increased internal buy-in and enhanced profits. 

For a marketing team to successfully execute on every campaign, they need to manage everything from market research to go-to-market launches. Once done successfully, the cumulative effort of a marketing team’s activities can drive business growth and contribute to the ultimate success of their company. 

To continuously perform such intricate research, planning, and execution can be difficult. But having a resource like Teamwork Spaces, a knowledge base software that enables you to plan, create, collaborate, store and share content, means you will be able to effectively support your marketing team as they do exceptional work.

Here are 7 tips for how a marketer can use Teamwork Spaces:

It is essential for a marketing team to have a central hub to document and store all their relevant information. From internal processes to best practices resources, marketers create an abundance of content and collateral. Having a single source of truth, where you can create, search and quickly locate this content enables your team to be both efficient and productive, ensuring everyone has access to the most up-to-date information so they can use their time to focus on marketing. 

Maintaining the brand of a company doesn't just fall to the marketing team, every employee has the responsibility to showcase the organization in its best light. However, the marketing team is responsible for developing the brand and ensuring the marketing team, as well as the wider organization and partners have access to brand guidelines. Within Teamwork Spaces you can set up a dedicated space, where you can store everything from your brand promise to your logo and typography assets so your team can use it when developing presentations, content and supporting collateral.

Brand asset

Marketers are constantly executing on different campaigns. Each campaign is essentially its own project. Within Teamwork Spaces we have a beautiful set of templates within our library that you can easily follow to help you get started on anything from a blog post to a product launch. There is also the capability to develop your own bespoke templates, and saving them in your custom library allows your extended team to reuse them again and again. 

Teamwork Spaces Gallery

Teamwork Spaces also has an array of widgets that you can use. From a task list to a timeline widget, you can keep your projects in line and on track. Furthermore, if you are also a Teamwork customer you can simply integrate your projects from Teamwork into Teamwork Spaces and seamlessly create, edit and close your tasks from within an individual page. 

As previously mentioned, although the marketing team represents the company to the external world they are also often considered the linchpin of internal communications. Whether it is a new product, feature or service offering or a change to the pricing or positioning, the marketing team are the experts in communicating and equipping the sales team with the knowledge and resources they need to effectively sell. 

Teamwork Spaces allows you to create, update and share vital messaging, use cases, and resources with your sales team, ensuring they’ve access to all the key information. After training and sharing this content with the team, you can use the required reading feature to highlight the content the sales reps need to review, and in turn they can use the inline commenting feature to give feedback, so you can ensure your content is always as tailored as possible. 

Whether you're hosting a weekly meeting, 1-1 meeting or quarterly planning session, you can utilize Teamwork Spaces to help you prepare, and track the progress of your meetings. Begin prepping for your meetings with our ready-made meeting templates, collaborate on live documents with colleagues in the workspace, and publish your page so it is ready for sharing with key stakeholders. Then use the Teamwork integration to map the progress of your projects and actions from within Teamwork Spaces. 

Marketing teams are constantly coming up with new and improved ways to enhance their company’s position in the marketplace. But having the headspace, while also being able to collaborate with your team can be a difficult balance, especially in 2020 when many people are working remotely. 

However, by integrating Teamwork Chat with Teamwork Spaces you get the perfect environment. Use the brainstorming template within Teamwork Chat to start your session, have your team join a video chat in Teamwork Chat and ensure all team members have access to the page in Teamwork Spaces where you can all view and edit the content at the same time. In addition, if you can easily include diagrams and media files with the draw.io and media gallery widgets. 

Our final tip for today combines the power of the entire Teamwork Suite. As marketers, we know that without customers we would not have a business. Within marketing teams, there are multiple sub-teams set up to drive and coordinate different aspects of the marketing plan. For example, product marketers work closely with product and sales teams, contributing to both product evolution and sales development, they too work closely with the demand generation team, who drive the demand for the product, while customer marketers work closely with your customer success teams to drive customer retention. 

We can quickly see that marketing teams play an integral role in the lifecycle of a customer. Throughout the blog, you've seen examples of how the integrations with Teamwork and Teamwork Chat are highly beneficial for collaboration and project execution. However, by having your wider team also adopt Teamwork CRM to effectively manage your sales process, and Teamwork Desk to easily manage customer queries, the entire Teamwork Suite enables the marketing team to not only be the center of communications but to sit at the heart of the organization as they help their colleagues grow the business, from driving new revenue to assisting in customer retention.

We hope you are enjoying our 12 Days of Teamwork Spaces' Christmas. If you are a marketer, we'd love to hear how you are using Teamwork Spaces so please leave your feedback in the comments area below or contact us at spaces@teamwork.com.