This new update lets your team have instant access to your Google Team Drives and Shared Folders through Teamwork Projects! Our integration with Google Drive integration is getting an exciting new update! We know that many of you enjoy the convenience of Google Team Drives, so we’re making it even easier to use them with Teamwork Projects! We are delighted to announce that you can now connect Google Team Drives or Shared Folders from your Google Drive as your top-level, root folder. This allows you to link files from your Google Team Drives or shared folder to your Teamwork Projects site and subsequently to your chosen projects. So now you can reap the benefits of Google Team Drives and share folders directly from Teamwork Projects!

Earlier this year, Google introduced Team Drives to G Suite, a feature which was greatly welcomed by enterprises around the world. Team Drives are shared spaces for teams to store their files in Google Drive, meaning they can store, search and access files from one collaborative space. This change makes life much easier for anyone working in a team because users have access to their team’s content instantly. G Suite users were quick to adopt Team Drives, so we’re keeping up to speed and updating the Teamwork Projects integration with Google Drive. Check out our help doc for the Google Drive integration If you have a query about the addition of Google Team Drives to our current Google Drive integration, please drop us a line on