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We’ve got some incredible news to share with you all today–Teamwork is excited to announce its expansion into Denver, Colorado this fall! With that, we’ll be opening up 15 exciting new roles on our sales team that will be based in the “Mile High City.”

To mark the very special occasion, we had the chance to catch up with a member of the sales team leading the charge, Beau Brooks. 

Originally hailing from Denver, Colorado himself, Beau gives us the inside scoop on what it's like to work at Teamwork and what to expect from our new Denver hub—not to mention, the roles Teamwork will be hiring, too.

Without further ado, please meet, Beau!

It starts with YOU… tell us who YOU are and how you feel you contribute to the Teamwork story?

I’m the Vice President of Sales here at Teamwork. I joined the team earlier this year and am based in sunny Barcelona, Spain.

I think I bring something very unique in that I'm from the United States and I've led sales teams pretty extensively there.  I've also spent the last couple of years leading sales teams in Europe. Right now at Teamwork, we have an awesome opportunity to build a bigger team in North America. I bring the diverse experience of having worked with teams on both sides of the ocean and knowing the challenges that come with those things, too. 

Teamwork very much has a culture of ‘come as you are’—can you tell us about how you’ve experienced this?

“Come as you are” is such a refreshing way to think about work. For me, it's great because I work in Europe, and my wife and I have a 10-year-old daughter. It allows me to be a dad and husband, while also interacting with colleagues that are all in different phases and areas of their lives. 

It doesn't matter whether you're a founder or you're in your first week, you're treated with respect and interest to know more about who you are. That’s what makes Teamwork so special. You can really come as you are. It's not just something that we write on the walls, it’s what we live out every day at work. 

What made you want to join Teamwork?

There’s a long list of reasons! I love the international nature of the company. Not only the desire to open up new markets, but the fact that we have team members from all over the place. There's a strong Irish foundation in Cork, but they've done a great job of broadening that out into different areas and being very inclusive of different geographies and different types of people from all walks of life. That was a big reason why I thought Teamwork was the right place to be. 

I was also incredibly impressed by John O'Mara, our COO, our founders Peter Coppinger and Dan Mackey, and our leadership team. They have a real passion for the problem that we work on every day, and have built a strong product based on that as well.

Tell us what gets you out of bed in the morning in your role at Teamwork?

On the sales team in particular, there’s no shortage of fun things to work on, which is exciting. That's what gets me going every day. Whether it's training or diving into calls with customers to help understand what's going on in that business, I like to start the day by thinking about “What do I need to do to make today great?” And I center on that handful of things that can really make an impact while working together with the team. 

We’re on an exciting growth journey here at Teamwork. How do you feel that matches YOUR goals as a professional?

I love the idea of expanding the organization and expanding the sales team into North America. I think that's a hard challenge to tackle, but professionally, that's where I like to grow. I like to take on challenges and answer the questions of, “How do we make this work?’ How do we do something that other companies have tried and maybe not done so well?’ How do we do it better?” At Teamwork we like our challenges, we don't run away from them. That fits really well with where I want to grow as well. 

Teamwork is expanding into Denver! Can you share a bit more about the “why” behind Denver?

We’re seeing the startup world expand from where it used to be basically just San Francisco, Austin, and New York City. Denver is now absolutely one of those locations, too. We’ve seen some of the biggest tech companies in the world now opening offices in Denver. There's a vibrant group of people and several universities so there’s a strong talent network. 

And it's a metropolis, right? We've got the mountains right next to the city, and tons of outdoor stuff to do. The lifestyle of Denver matches very well with the Teamwork lifestyle—finding ways to really balance work and life, having a family, or getting out to go rafting or hiking. Those things are all there with the element of being able to work. 

What types of roles is Teamwork hiring for in Denver?

We're going to be adding all different types of roles in Denver, starting with sales. We want to grow fast and have plans to bring 15 people into our Denver location by the end of 2022. We know that there are people in Denver that are excited to take on new challenges.

The sales roles will cover a range of experience from entry-level roles such as those of a Sales Department Representative to Account Executives and Account Managers with a few years of experience. We’re covering all levels of experience in sales, which is a great opportunity for a variety of people to get a chance to join us.  We have lots of inbound leads as well, which shows how excited customers are to work with Teamwork.

What types of experience are you looking for when filling these roles? Does Teamwork provide training?

There's always training, so we’re most importantly looking for people with great energy, excitement, curiosity, and coachability. It does help if people have experience in SaaS, though it’s not necessarily required. You don't need to have a strong understanding of the project management space either, that's something that we can and will train you on. 

We have a pretty robust onboarding program led by our really strong Sales Enablement team. They’ve built out a month-long training program that helps walk you through success in the product, in our systems, and in our method of selling, so that you hit the ground running when you begin talking to customers. 

Why should potential candidates consider a role at Teamwork in Denver? And on the sales team in particular?

Depending on your level of experience, there are a couple of reasons. If you're new to sales, and new to the SaaS world, it's a great place to learn. The majority of our business is inbound driven because there's such a huge demand for what we do, people are reaching out to us. As an entry-level salesperson, you’ll get immediate interactions with customers to learn from. In a lot of roles when you’re just starting out, you're doing outbound sales. You’re cold-calling people and trying to generate business, which is important, but it's a tough way to learn. Getting in with a company like Teamwork is a great way to build your sales skill set. 

If you're a more experienced salesperson, you get to be one of the first people on the sales team in North America, which is a tremendous opportunity. To get to do something like this with a well-built product, customers coming to us, and a great training program–it’s a win-win. You will have a nearly immediate impact by joining this team, which you can't say very often about a new company that you're joining. Super cool.

Just for fun! Who is your biggest inspiration (i.e. a "sales superhero" you look up to)? 

It would be some of the people who have worked with me over the years. I think the best salespeople are actually really good listeners and ask really great questions. I’ve learned it's not just sitting there and selling, it's more so listening and understanding and then applying that to what you’re doing. I’m lucky I've got to work with some amazing people over the years.

Like what you’re hearing? If you’ve got great energy, love to listen, learn, and are excited by the idea of joining a growing international team making an immediate impact, please visit to view and apply for open positions at Teamwork in Denver and beyond, today!

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