Streamline your billing process by automating invoice exports from Teamwork Projects to Xero — saving you time and reducing the risk of human error. We made an important update to the Xero and Teamwork Projects integration that we don’t want you to miss! It’s guaranteed to save teams a lot of time and streamline your workflow by eliminating the hassle of detailed manual inputs.

What’s new?

With the previous Xero and Teamwork Projects integration, you only had one option: export an invoice from Teamwork Projects to a Xero-compatible file, switch to your Xero online account and import that file. This process wasn’t very efficient and required a lot of extra time-consuming steps, so we made some changes. We eliminated any manual extra steps by automating the file translation and export process from Teamwork Projects directly to your Xero account. Now, when you’re exporting an invoice, simply select Export to Xero Online, choose the client you’d like to invoice, click Export and your invoice will be automatically exported to your Xero account.

Here’s how it works

Take a look at our tutorial video to see how it get set-up and start saving time! Check out our help doc to learn how to export an invoice to Xero online. If you need a hand getting started with this integration, send an email to, and one of our support agents will be more than happy to help!