Top 15 marketing agency software options for 2024

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“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” 

~ Beth Comstock, Former CMO & Vice Chair, GE

One of the hardest parts about choosing your marketing agency software is finding solutions that deliver perpetual motion and innovation. 

With so many options on the market, it's easy to go overboard on the number of tools you use. 

Here are 14 marketing agency software choices across several categories to consider in 2023 to take your business to the next level.


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One of the best project management software options for marketing agencies is In fact, was started by its founders as an agency before transforming into a software company trusted by more than 6,000 agencies worldwide. offers a ton of features for agencies from resource and workload management tools that enable you to manage your team's day-to-day capacity and long-term forecasting, to native time-tracking, budgeting, and advanced collaboration features to keep your team and clients on the same page.

If that's not enough, also has robust reporting and analytics capabilities that provide real-time insights on project and overall business performance.

It's the closest an agency can get to a complete all-in-one platform for managing, planning, and collaborating across all its projects. And the best part about it is that's price won't blow the budget. 


MS Teams, HubSpot, SoftSync for Jira, Chatify, Slack, Gmail for, Zendesk for, (see all integrations)


  • Free Forever: Free up to five users

  • Starter: $5.99 per user per month

  • Deliver: $9.99 per user per month

  • Grow: $19.99 per user per month

  • Scale: Custom pricing

Best features

"The must-have features of an effective project management system for agencies? Time logging, billable vs. non-billable hours, templates, resource and capacity management, reporting."

~ Lori Highby, CEO, Keystone Click

  • Flexible views including board view, Gantt chart view, and Project Health view

  • Powerful collaboration features including Chat and Spaces add-ons enable teams to talk, share content, and stay in the loop without leaving the platform

  • Resource and workload management to ensure that your team has the tools and bandwidth to deliver the highest quality work

  • Track time to make the most of every billable moment and better understand where your agency spends the most time 

  • Robust reporting features to keep an eye on utilization and profitability

  • Huge range of customizations, integrations, and templates to speed up workflows and get more done

Third-party reviews

A Top 50 ranking on G2, averages 4.4 stars across over 1,000+ reviews. One G2 reviewer had this to say: “I like that I have everything I need right there in one program. I can send emails directly from there and track all stages of the project.”

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Bring your clients into the system for stronger alignment, greater visibility, and better collaboration. offers multiple free licence types so you provide a more transparent and trustworthy client experience, at no extra cost.

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2. SEMrush (SEO, PPC, content, social, and competitive research software)

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A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research tool is a staple for any marketing agency doing content marketing. But the thing about SEMrush is that it can do so much more for marketing agencies, with features tailored directly toward PPC, content, and social media.

SEMrush helps you find keywords to target to help websites get noticed on search engines. It scrapes data from various search engines and gives you an accurate idea about how hard it'll be to rank for a particular keyword and what competition your client is up against. 


Google products, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Majestic, Zapier


The entry-level Pro Plan starts at $119.95 per month for up to five projects. 

Best features

  • Create separate "projects" for each account's URL to track traffic trends, backlink progress, and overall site ranking by client

  • Gain a centralized understanding of how various content and search marketing tactics are performing

  • Customize your SEMrush package to meet your unique needs with multiple toolkits

Third-party reviews

SEMrush is a Top 50 company on G2, where it enjoys 4.5 stars across over 1,700 reviews. One reviewer calls it “the essential tool for analyzing and improving your digital strategy” and loves how deep the SEO and analytics data goes.

3. Sprout Social (Social media management software)

Blog post image Credit: Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management platform that helps marketing agencies organize and manage content using calendars and scheduling. 

From the dashboard, agencies can integrate social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and plan when they want content posted.

The tool also has inbuilt analytics to track how well each post and channel is performing. It highlights the posts performing the best, what hashtags are getting the most traction, and even when followers are most likely to interact with each channel. 

Additional listening features make it a must-have for marketing agencies wanted to get a feel for an upcoming campaign or to see what customers are saying about you outside of mentions.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Analytics, Slack, Zapier, Canva


The Standard Plan starts at $249 per month; each additional user is $199 per month. 

Best features

  • Schedule social media posts across numerous platforms

  • Run reports to gain meaningful insights on social performance

  • Keep data sorted using custom filtered inboxes

Third-party reviews

Sprout Social is a 2023 Most Implementable for Enterprise company on G2, where it enjoys 4.4 stars across more than 2,400 reviews. One reviewer says Sprout Social is an “easy to use, intuitive platform for scheduling and monitoring social media posts” and loves the way it handles reporting and engagement tracking.

4. Social Status (Social media analytics and reporting software)

Social Status is the leading social media analytics tool trusted by over 10,000 marketing agencies around the world. You can connect all client profiles and pages across all the main social channels as well as Facebook ad accounts to report on both organic and paid performance.

Social Status automates the process of creating social media reports and provides agencies with the ability to whitelabel and customize their report templates per client. Reports can be exported to a range of formats including the raw data to XLSX or presentable formats like PDF, PowerPoint, or Google Slides.


Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Instagram Stories, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn


The Starter Plan starts at $29 per month for 10 users. They also offer a free plan for up to three users, but it’s significantly more feature-limited than the paid plans.

Best features

  • White label reports and customize report templates

  • Track and analyze social ad accounts

  • Track and analyze competitors’ public social accounts

Third-party reviews

Social Status is a Spring 2023 High Performer on G2, where it has an impressive 4.6 stars (though that rating spans just 53 reviews). One reviewer calls Social Status a “really intuitive platform” that’s “perfect for social media managers,” and praises its ability to pinpoint metrics and produce accurate reporting. 

5. CoSchedule (marketing campaign planning software)

CoSchedule is a tool for marketing agencies that are managing client campaigns with lots of moving pieces. 

If you regularly manage social media calendars, schedules, blog posts, and outreach, CoSchedule is the tool for you. Build campaign schedules inside the dashboard, allocate tasks and events to team members, and automatically publish social media posts. 

You can even plan campaign schedules using inbuilt templates to keep everything on track. 


Zapier, Dropbox, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Google Docs


The Marketing Calendar has a very limited Free Forever plan. The Pro version starts at $29 per user per month, and the full-service Marketing Suite is a custom-quote product. 

Best features

  • Build full campaign schedules that go beyond just social media management

  • Drag-and-drop interface lets you move items easily

  • Customize calendar views by team member or role

Third-party reviews

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar ranks at 4.6 stars across a modest 68 reviews, while the full suite lands at 4.4 across nearly 150 reviews. One verified user says that CoSchedule is a great way to streamline marketing efforts thanks to its wide range of features, but found it a little overwhelming at first.

6. Calendly (meeting scheduling software)

Blog post image Credit: Calendly

Calendly integrates into your Google or Microsoft calendar and automatically finds space for meetings. Instead of sending email after email asking what time is best, all you have to do is send your Calendly link to the prospect. 

They pick a time and date that suits them, and Calendly automatically schedules a meeting on your calendar. 


Zoom, Zapier, Slack, Microsoft Teams, MailChimp, Leadpages, Drip


The Basic Plan is free. For more advanced features, the Essentials Plan starts at $8 per user per month. Professional and Teams plans jump up to $12 and $16 per user per month.

Best features

  • Save time and give customers a better user experience by shifting scheduling into their court

  • Create multiple event types to enable meetings of differing lengths

  • Create customized booking links and branded landing pages

Third-party reviews

Calendly lands at 4.7 stars across more than 1,800 reviews. Many users praise Calendly as an efficient, trustworthy, easy way to schedule meetings. Providing exact availability to clients automatically is a game-changer for many users. 

7. Qwilr (proposal and quote software)

Blog post image Qwilr is a web-based pitching tool that helps agencies craft personalized pitches for every client in their pipeline. Using pre-made templates, agencies can create stylish pitch decks that are fully mobile-responsive.

When the pitch is ready, Qwilr turns it into an interactive webpage so your clients can view it from anywhere. If the client is happy with it and wants to move forward, they can accept, sign, and pay for the project inside the pitch deck itself. 


Slack, QuickBooks, Zapier, Freshbooks, Xero


The Business Plan starts at $35 per user per month. The $59 per user per month Enterprise plan adds access to the API, Salesforce integration, and more.

Best features

  • Create responsive pitches that work on any device

  • Automatically receive notifications when clients and prospects view your pitches

  • Allow customers to sign and pay directly inside the pitch deck

Third-party reviews

Customers have an overwhelmingly favorable opinion of Qwilr, giving it 4.5 stars across more than 650 G2 reviews. One reviewer loves that “our proposals always look good and feel like us” and appreciates the library functions for quickly surfacing previously used assets.

8. Grammarly (proofreading software)

If your agency does a lot of writing, making sure every piece of content flows well is a must. 

Grammarly is a proofreading tool that can scan every social media and blog post to ensure it's free of grammar errors and has the correct punctuation. 

All you have to do is upload the content you want to be checked. Then, Grammarly will ask a couple of quick questions about what style, tone, and intent you're aiming for: 

Not only does the tool pick up any spelling errors, but it also highlights fragmented and lengthy sentences. The end result is better flowing content. 


Slack, Google Docs, Zendesk, Medium, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress


There is a limited Free Plan, and the Premium Plan starts at $12 per month. 

Best features

  • Quickly improve the grammar and tone of any piece of content

  • Adjust audience, formality, tone, and intent to further hone their content with Premium and Business accounts

  • Get support for content in different English dialects (American, British, Canadian, and Australian)

Third-party reviews

This affordable tool is highly rated on G2, with 4.7 stars across more than 4,000 reviews. Users appreciate the intuitive user interface and that Grammarly integrates seamlessly with most of the tools and places where people write.

9. Intercom (conversational marketing software)

Intercom allows companies to use chatbots to start conversations or guide customers across their website. For agencies, this is a great tool to use to build up leads, increase trials, or simply improve the user experience across a client's website. 

Intercom allows businesses to manage customer interactions from beginning to end, which creates a much better experience. Don't be afraid to explore Intercom alternatives, that best suit your business needs.


Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Stripe, Zapier, WhatsApp, Clearbit, Zendesk


There is a limited Starter plan that begins at $74/mo. Pro and Premium plans are custom-quoted.

Best features

  • Implement AI chatbots to reduce response times

  • Get omnichannel conversational support across SMS, Facebook Messenger, and more

  • Go beyond support and use Intercom to engage and activate leads

Third-party reviews

Intercom sits at 4.5 stars across more than 2,600 G2 reviews. One mid-market user calls Intercom “a user-friendly tool for everything customer-experience related.”

10. Zapier (automation software)

Blog post image Credit: TutorCrunch

This tool makes your entire tech stack work together. 

Zapier allows marketing agencies to integrate different software and connect the apps they use to automate workflows and make their lives easier. 

Zapier plugs the tools you’re using into each other. For example, if your team uses for project management (Read more: World class project planning software), Zapier can integrate with it and other programs like Qwilr, Sprout Social, and Calendly.

Once all the apps are linked, Zapier can automate anything you need. For example, if you wanted to send Slack messages for new Calendly invites or get Slack notifications when a new Qwilr proposal is viewed — just create a "zap." 

Integrations, Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, QuickBooks, Google Docs + 1000s more


The Starter Plan costs $19.99 per month. 

Best features

  • Connect virtually any app or service with any other, even when those services haven’t built their own integrations

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks using a no-code interface

  • Build custom workflows to meet your unique challenges

Third-party reviews

Zapier sits at 4.5 stars across more than 1,000 G2 reviews. Users love how simple the UI is and how deep the integrations can get.

11. Planable (social media approval tool)

Blog post image Credit: Crazy Egg

Planable is a social media collaboration tool that helps teams plan, schedule, and collaborate on social media content. The solution sports an intuitive design that mimics the feel and flow of social media.

Planable's collaboration-centric design makes it the ideal tool for social media teams that have to publish content regularly. Planable's approval system ensures that no piece of content goes live without being approved by the relevant team members. This approval system has four levels of security, which gives social media teams a lot of wiggle room in terms of customizing approval workflows.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, and TikTok.


Planable offers a free plan, no credit card required. The Basic plan runs $11 per user month, while the Pro bumps that figure up to $22. Note that additional workspaces add another $17 per month.

Best features

  • Teams can share ideas and feedback via comments and replies right next to each post

  • Approval system lessens the risk of embarrassing “go live” mistakes

  • Publishing and scheduling features eliminate the logistics of social media management

Third-party reviews

Planable has 4.6 stars across more than 550 G2 reviews. One reviewer was “up and running in no time” and praised the simplicity and easy navigation.

12. SocialPilot (social media scheduling software)

SocialPilot is a social media scheduling tool that supports more than eight top social media platforms. The tool helps you curate trending content and modify it as per your branding guidelines. 

This scheduling tool offers a bunch of features like bulk scheduling social media posts, campaign management, workflow management, a smart editorial calendar, URL shortening, and more. SocialPilot also has dedicated inboxes where you can reply to comments and messages received on your social media pages. 


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Dropbox, Tumblr, Box, Canva, Bitly, Sniply, Rebrandly


SocialPilot starts at a pocket-friendly price of $25.50 per month for one user and 10 social media accounts. 

Best features

  • Respond to social media comments and messages from a dedicated inbox

  • Bulk schedule social media posts and manage campaigns with ease

  • White label SocialPilot services as your own

Third-party reviews

With 4.5 stars across 550 G2 reviews, SocialPilot is well-regarded. One reviewer says that the tool has been great for growth and is easy to navigate.

13. Scribe (step-by-step guide generator)

Scribe is blazing a trail in process documentation. Remote and hybrid marketing agencies can turn any workflow into a step-by-step guide — instantly. Simply turn on the extension or browser application. Scribe will follow along as you work to (auto-magically) create a document with written instructions and annotated screenshots. 


Confluence, Notion, Zendesk


The Basic Plan is free. For more advanced features, the Pro Plan is at $29 per user per month. 

Best features

  • Automatically generate step-by-step guides using screen captures

  • Combine your Scribes with text, video and more using the Pages feature

  • Create visual SOPs, training manuals, and other process documentation quickly and easily

Third-party reviews

Scribe’s 4.8 stars across 60 G2 reviews point to how powerful and user-friendly the tool is. Reviewers agree, saying “there’s nothing like this on the market” and remarking on how much time it saves. 

14. Salesmate (CRM software with automation)

Blog post image Credit: Software Advice

Salesmate is a leading CRM for agencies that offers advanced features such as marketing automation, workflow automation, meeting scheduler, live chat, and powerful integrations.

Marketing agencies can engage with their clients using built-in calling, text messaging, and emails. With Salesmate’s marketing automation, you can create various automation journeys to execute your marketing campaigns seamlessly.


G-suite apps, Docusign, Mailchimp, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Livestorm, BigCommerce, Zapier


Salesmate provides a 15-day free trial. The basic plans start at $12 per user per month.

Best features

  • Get actionable insights into growth and revenue with customizable sales reports and forecasting

  • Manage your pipeline and see visual representations of your deals at various stages

  • Integrate with all major email platforms and easily track email marketing metrics like opens and clicks

Third-party reviews

G2 reviewers giver Salesmate 4.6 stars across 64 reviews. One reviewer praises the development path and service team, and describes the tool as feature-rich. 

15. Meltwater (social listening and media monitoring software)

Blog post image Credit: Meltwater

With over 20 years of experience, Meltwater is a pioneer in social listening and media monitoring software. It gives agencies and marketing professionals the information advantage they need to stay ahead of the curve and a single, integrated solution to monitor what is happening online.

Be it social media, news, podcasts, print media or blog posts, Meltwater allows you to understand what is being said about your brand, competition, or your niche. As the only all-in-one solution for PR and social media, more than 30,000 companies use Meltwater’s media and social intelligence to stay on top of billions of online conversations and extract relevant insights to strategically manage their brands and campaigns.


Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, YouTube, LinkedIn, WeChat, Google Analytics, Slack, Microsoft Teams,, DingTalk, Generic Webhook, Tableau, Domo, Power BI, Looker Studio


Pricing is custom, you will need to contact Meltwater for a direct quote.

Best features

  • Sentiment analysis help you get a quick view of how people feel about your brand

  • Real time monitoring of social media and other channels

  • Supports over 240 languages

Third-party reviews

Meltwater has four stars both on G2 and Capterra. One G2 user wrote: “Meltwater provides insightful data that helps us create content tailored to our audiences. The dashboard and every mention tool make it, so I don't miss anything in real time. I use Meltwater's every-mention tool daily and the dashboard weekly”

Manage your marketing efforts with ease with

All 14 of the software options we’ve reviewed can drive significant value for your marketing agency, and many of them work together to deliver even greater benefits. 

But at the core of your marketing tech stack, you need a way to keep deliverables straight and the work on track. is that solution: built specifically for agencies and anyone executing client work, has everything you need to dial up your project management and operations processes, drive business efficiency, grow profits, and scale confidently.

See more of what can do for your business now — get started now for free, view our comprehensive pricing plans, or book a demo today.

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