What is agency account management?

Agency account management definition

Agency account management involves overseeing and developing client relationships within an agency. An account manager serves as the primary point of contact between the agency and its clients, facilitating communication, coordinating services, and ensuring client satisfaction. Effective account management is essential for an agency as it helps maintain and grow client relationships, secures repeat business, and contributes to the agency's reputation and success.

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Role and responsibilities of an account manager

In an agency setting, an account manager is essentially a liaison between the agency and its clients. They're responsible for understanding client needs, communicating these to the agency, and ensuring the delivery of services that meet these needs. Account managers play a pivotal role in nurturing client relationships and ensuring client satisfaction.

Their responsibilities often include:

  • Maintaining and nurturing client relationships.

  • Understanding and communicating client needs to the agency team.

  • Coordinating with various agency departments to ensure timely delivery of services.

  • Developing strategies to meet client goals.

  • Presenting and selling agency services to existing and potential clients.

  • Resolving client concerns and handling complaints.

  • Monitoring the progress of ongoing projects and ensuring they meet client expectations.

  • Reporting on account status to agency leadership.

  • Developing client retention strategies to address specific client needs and expectations.

KPIs for successful account management

For successful account management at agencies, it's crucial to monitor certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These may include:

  1. Client Retention Rate: Measures the number of clients that continue to do business with the agency over a certain period.

  2. Client Satisfaction Score (CSAT): A direct measure of a client's satisfaction with the agency's service.

  3. Net Promoter Score (NPS): Indicates how likely a client is to recommend the agency to others.

  4. Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Rates: Shows the success in selling additional services to existing clients.

  5. Client Lifetime Value (CLV): The projected revenue that a client will generate during their relationship with the agency.

  6. Response Time: The time it takes for the account manager to respond to a client's inquiry or issue.

By effectively managing these KPIs, account managers can significantly contribute to their agency's growth and client satisfaction. offers tools to track these KPIs, helping agencies in maintaining successful account management.

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