When we built Teamwork Spaces, we envisioned endless use cases for tons of different types of teams. In this series, we’re going through some of our favorites, to give you a few ideas about how Teamwork Spaces can work for you. In this post: marketing teams!

From campaign planning to content creation, customer research to hosting events, marketing teams have fast-paced, highly-varied workloads. But when everything you do reflects back on your organization, you can’t afford to lose your attention to detail. You need your information to be up to date, your communications to be consistent, and your output to be impeccable, every time. (No pressure.) That’s where documentation comes in. You probably already know the value of clearly outlining your processes, SOPs, and guidelines, and how it can help to keep everyone on your marketing team — and in your organization — on the same page. But when those documents are hard to find, difficult to navigate, or tricky to edit, they end up wasting more time than they solve. We built Teamwork Spaces to give teams one single source of truth for the knowledge that matters to them. Learn how document management software can help your marketing team to knock it out of the park (yes, every time).

Whether you’re running a day-long strategy session or just having a quick sync, use Teamwork Spaces to track your meeting agendas and minutes. Then, if you’re a Teamwork Projects user, you can embed a task list straight from Teamwork Projects directly into any page, so you can quickly add tasks for any actions that arise and keep them progressing straight from Teamwork Spaces.

The best B2B marketing leaders know that if you really want to be successful, your company’s sales and marketing teams need to work together, beautifully. With Teamwork Spaces, you can make sure your sales team is equipped with up-to-date info on the features to highlight, the right messaging, and all the collateral they need to close the deal — and by collating it all in one central, easily accessible space, they’ll always know where to go to find everything they need. What’s more, with inline comments you can get feedback and give your salespeople a place to let you know what’s working with customers, and request any materials they don’t yet have.

Need to make sure you’re focusing on the right areas? Looking for a quick reminder of your organization’s big picture priorities? Want to double-check a statistic from some customer research that will help to guide the targeting of your latest campaign? Keep important reference documents, like your quarterly marketing plan or any research findings, quickly to hand by storing them in Teamwork Spaces, so you can save time searching and spend it strategizing.

Creating case studies, requesting marketing collateral, designing ebooks…when you have lots of people working on lots of different things, you need to make sure your processes are as smooth, efficient, and consistent as possible. Keeping all of your SOPs together in one central location allows for maximum productivity. Once everyone knows what they need to do, how they need to do it, and who they should go to with questions, it’s easier to avoid making mistakes, duplicating work, and wasting time.

Not sure whether you should be using title case or sentence case in your blog posts? Need to know the correct treatment of your company’s logo on a multicolored background? Store your organization’s brand guidelines and style guides in Teamwork Spaces so you never have to wonder again. And if anything changes (like maybe you undergo a rebrand), you can update it in seconds.

Need to make everyone in your company — like your support and sales teams — aware of some upcoming changes, like new product launches, feature releases, or ongoing campaigns or promotions? With the Required Reading feature, you can designate certain pages as “must-reads”, so you can quickly and easily guide everyone in your organization to the essential information. Want to see what these look benefits look like in action? Watch our video below, or take a tour.

These are just some of the ways Teamwork Spaces can help marketing teams to centralize their important documents, share knowledge across departments, and streamline their workflows for more consistent outputs, but we’d love to hear: how does your marketing team use document management software? Let us know in the comments below.