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The Value-Based Pricing Myth: Why It's Not For Every Agency

Join us on-demand for a conversation with Marcel Petitpas (Co-Founder & CEO at Parakeeto), Amber Kemmis (COO at Instrumental Group), and Sharon Toerek (Principle Owner at Toerek Law), to talk about the common myths surrounding value-based pricing models and how a change in mindset could take your client relationships and revenue to the next level.

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Value-based pricing has been a hot topic in the agency space for some time now. It's often seen as a lift-and-shift replacement for the billable hour that will make your agency more competitive and profitable in the long run.

But is value-based pricing the right approach for every agency and client? Or is the billing process far more nuanced and complex than a one-size-fits all approach allows?

What you'll learn:

  • The pros and cons of value-based pricing models

  • The alternative pricing model options available to you and how they work

  • How to set up your operations based on these different models (and how to sell them to your clients)

  • How all of this impacts the way you structure your agreements and contracts to get the best results

Marcel Petitpas - Co-Founder & CEO, Parakeeto

Marcel Petitpas is the Co-Founder & CEO of Parakeeto, a company dedicated to helping agencies measure and improve their profitability by streamlining their operations and reporting systems. In his work as a speaker, podcast host, and consultant, he's helped hundreds of agencies around the world measure the right metrics and improve their operations and profitability.

Amber Kemmis - Chief Operating Officer, Instrumental

Amber Kemmis is the COO of Intrumental Group, North America - an elite HubSpot partner. In addition to being a HubSpot veteran, she's a longtime agency leader with a passion for people, processes, psychology, and building operations to support revenue growth.

Sharon Toerek - Founder, Toerek Law

Sharon Toerek is the Principle Owner at Toerek Law. She focuses her practice on helping independent marketing and creative services agencies protect and monetize their intellectual capital, and manages the legal implications of their marketing and advertising work. Sharon frequently speaks and presents to professional organizations, advertising agencies, and marketing teams, and has created and presented numerous training sessions to industry professionals that enable them to recognize legal issues and protect their valuable work and rights.

Logan Lyles, Host

Logan Lyles is the Head of Partnerships at Teamwork, the project management platform built for scaling client work. Logan previously served in several leadership roles at Sweet Fish, a B2B podcast agency serving mid-market SaaS companies. Taking over sales from the agency founder in 2018, Logan helped triple the business in his first 6 months. He also played a key role in landing the agency on the Inc 5,000 List (twice), while helping the company both 10x headcount & increase ARR by 1,283%. Logan works from his home office (that’s slowly becoming a mini video studio) alongside his labradoodle, Mack, in Castle Rock, CO.

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