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New employee onboarding checklist template

Help new employees get up to speed quickly with our employee onboarding template — or create your own checklist template to showcase your unique company culture.

Employee onboarding template

Improve employee onboarding with our template

Speccing out your client’s needs, liaising with your designers and creatives, requesting and implementing client feedback — no matter what kind of design project you’re working on, you need a solid design management process to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Already have a defined process in place for web design or graphic design? You can also create a template tailored to your team’s exact way of working, so you can quickly spin up detailed projects without missing a single step.

Keep track of all the moving pieces and start every design project the right way with our design project management template.

Increase efficiency with our employee onboarding template

Whether you make one checklist or multiple checklists for each team and role type, creating employee onboarding templates helps you to save time and make sure every new employee has the information and support they need to get started.

Here’s 3 reasons to use onboarding templates:

  • Standardize the onboarding experience

    Give every new hire a great first impression. By following an onboarding checklist, you can guide new hires to the right information, and make sure no crucial steps are left out.

  • Tailor them to your teams

    As well as an overall onboarding checklist for your organization, you can also create custom templates for each team. For example, a new hire joining the sales team might have a task to sit in on a sales call, while a developer might have one to set up their dev-env.

  • Show your company culture

    The onboarding experience is a great opportunity to show new employees just what your company is all about. Create an onboarding checklist for them to meet 5 people from different teams, find random things around the office, or anything else that will help them to engage and break the ice.

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Employee onboarding simplified with Teamwork

Start with our sample template or create your own onboarding templates for quick, easy, customizable employee onboarding.

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