About Teamwork.com

Today, Teamwork Chat, Teamwork Projects, Teamwork Desk form the backbone of Teamwork.com. Each product serves to enhance the performance of teams by coordinating both process and people simultaneously.

Teamwork Projects is all about getting things done by creating task lists and tasks and assigning them to the team. It increases visibility across each project as well as aligning every dependent function within the business.

Teamwork Desk incorporates the customer into the equation. It streamlines all contact between you and your customers by way of a ticket management system. It creates a much more efficient process for handling customer queries.

Teamwork Chat is an instant messenger that can be used by all of the team for immediate communication. Each of the three products integrates together seamlessly. Every user has the ability to create an action within each product that influences activity in another. Creating a task for Teamwork Projects as a result of a ticket received in Teamwork Desk.


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Key Facts and Stats

  • 2007 Founded in Cork, Ireland
  • 100% Bootstrapped and private owned
  • $127 Revenue in the first month after launch
  • 55,000,000+ Tasks completed
  • 20,000+ Companies using Teamwork.com
  • 150 Countries
  • 1,500,000+ Active Users
  • 2,000,000+ Projects managed

Did you know that

  • We purchased the domain name Teamwork.com for $675,000 in January 2014.
  • Teamwork.com was founded by two developers who still remain as lead developers while acting as CEO and CTO respectively.
  • Teamwork.com is a privately owned Irish company that has never received any funding and is 100% bootstrapped.



Peter Coppinger

CEO & Co-Founder

I'm 34, live in Cork City, Ireland and I love my job. In fact I started programming on a commodore 64 back in the day when I was just 8. At 10 years old I was inspired when reading about good old Bill Gates and even then I knew that I wanted to make amazing software with a like-minded team of great developers. Read more.


Daniel Mackey

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

'When I was young, my father dragged home a Wang IBM PC (286) from work and there began my foray into computers. Nintendo's were not something we had as kids and while everyone was busy playing the latest video games, I had my head buried in Basic manuals trying to create my own games on the sly while avoiding homework.' Read more.