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VAcePro, as a consultancy firm, provides end-to-end solutions with regards to all your data management requirements from an operational standpoint. As your data guru, owner/operator, Nathalie Collins will create a system, process and/or workflow that will ultimately eliminate chaos within your day. She will provide a more meaningful method of collecting, editing, organizing and analyzing your data.

Ontario, Canada

Areas of expertise include:

  • SaaS selection and implementation with specific focus on;

    • Project Management

    • Task Management

    • Time Management

    • Client Relationship Management

  • Database Development (cloud)

    • Project Management (PM)

    • Task Management

    • Product Management

    • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

    • Lists (ie Contacts, etc)

  • Dashboards/Portals

    • Small Application Development (for people on the go)

  • Process mapping and development

  • Workflows and automations

  • Integrations

  • Data cleansing

Background includes; Business Administration, Project Management, Computer technologies, Agile and Getting Things Done (GTD) methodologies along with Corporate ISO, Lean and Six Sigma experience.

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