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We inspire our users because we know the digital world like the back of our hands. And because we are deeply involving – both creatively and technologically. Founded in 2000, we have been helping our customers to grow efficient through innovation since the beginning of the digital age.

Wismar, Germany

About Click Solutions

Our consultants, designers, and developers help to transform products, marketing, communication, processes, and companies. And we combine deep knowledge about workflow and tools with empathy for users.

We are based in Wismar, Hamburg, and Berlin and work all over Europe. Let’s discuss together how the teamwork ecosystem can help you to become more productive, with the additional benefit of being a better employer and having a relaxed working atmosphere.

Our services: (Especially for service providers, agencies, IT, and software development companies.)

  • Analysis of workflow, processes, and methods in project management

  • Design of digital processes together with you

  • Implementation of teamwork tools into your organization

  • Combining different tools through interfaces, APIs, and middleware

  • Design and develop plug-ins/add-ons for special requirements

  • Training and coaching

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