Welcome to the first post in a three-part series (Update: Part 2 and Part 3 are now available) dedicated to the wonderful Web Design Agencies using Teamwork Projects to help them build better businesses. We’ve gone out and spoken to some amazing companies to help give us the scoop on why Teamwork Projects works so well for them.
Today, we’re going to concentrate on why Web Design Agencies choose Teamwork Projects as their main productivity tool.
We could tell you why we think Web Design Agencies should choose Teamwork Projects, but you don’t have to take our word for it! We’re going to shut up and let you see what our customers think instead.

Q: Why did you choose Teamwork Projects to help run your business?

Mat Bennett, Managing Director of OKO Digital 

A: We tried nearly 50 different productivity tools before settling on Teamwork Projects. It got to a point where I got really frustrated and just chose to use Basecamp because it was popular and I was tired of testing other productivity tools. About two or three months later, I was thinking, “we really need to get rid of Basecamp”. I just hated it. I was kind of prepared to just get through it, but the way they ran things and dealt with their customers really rubbed me up the wrong way, plus they kept removing features that we were relying on.
We didn’t really look at Teamwork Projects in massive depths on our first round of things. I suppose it wasn’t hugely well known at the time. We made a trial account for Teamwork Projects and another few project management software too. But Teamwork Projects really won us over. We haven’t looked around since. And after the amount of time we spent looking for better productivity tools, it almost became a way of life, so something must have worked.
I think this is why it slipped through on the first round since it was the attractive but useless features that attracted us to options initially. Teamwork Projects isn’t flashy, it just works well and has a clean look. You seem to spend a lot of time and attention making sure all of the elements are working correctly, nicely, and cohesively, as well. Teamwork Projects is quietly good at things and, sometimes, it isn’t always that obvious to appreciate a company like that when you’re doing demos. But when you get a bit more into the free trial you suddenly realize, “Well, hold on. Nothing’s annoyed me yet.” One of my favorite things was noticing that it’s always quick. It’s not quick sometimes then slow at other times. It’s always quick and that’s hard to put on a comparison spreadsheet when you’re comparing things.
The fact that the right options are always there when you need them and those little bits enhancing the user experience makes you realize that this is a quite pleasant tool to use. A tool like Teamwork Projects will be used a lot within a company, so if there are those persistent annoyances, even if they only seem minor at first, will drive you insane. Which is why we kept on trying new tools before.
Teamwork Projects isn’t flashy, it’s all about doing the job well. There’s a humble and integral attitude about Teamwork.com which we really admire. Teamwork Projects is fundamental to how we run our business. We’re all really delighted to be using it. It’s definitely improved the way we work, collaborate, and organize everything!

Debbie Levitt, Founder & CEO of Ptype UX Consultancy

A: I always strive to optimize my productivity and I knew there were so many tools on the internet who claim to help you and your team do just that. I tested out a trial of Basecamp and Teamwork Projects a few years ago Teamwork Projects came up trumps. Basecamp was lacking in clarity and transparency features. I wanted to make sure my team knew who they are writing to (and not writing to) because we don’t want our clients seeing things that they should not yet be able to see. With Teamwork Projects it’s easy to keep your tasks as public or as private as you want them to be.
The way that Teamwork Projects is set up, helps me get to the meat of the action. It’s clear to see that it’s focus is on tasks; organizing and completing them and nothing else. There’s no nonsense just practical solutions.
I am an analytical person. I want to be organized, and that’s what Ptype chose and value Teamwork Projects as the productivity tool to run our business.

Inge Haverkamp, Optimization & Quality Assurance Manager of MixCom Media Group 

A: We chose Teamwork Projects because it is not very expensive and it gives us most of what we were looking for. Switching to a new project management system can be hard, but with Teamwork Projects we were able to start on a small scale. This gave us a chance to truly test it for a longer time.
We love how proactive Teamwork Projects is. We started testing it with a trial in September 2014 and since then so many features have been added! It’s great to see a company with people who are  as passionate to improve their product as Teamwork Projects.

Mark Kemp, Managing Director of EQ Design 

A: We were using another tool before which we really liked, however, they updated their software and suddenly it didn’t match our needs. Pivotal things like; time sheets, weren’t available. At any one time, we could be doing 150 projects on the go, some of these are small projects others are large-scale ones. When working on so many projects during the course of a day, it can be quite vague as to what you’re spending your time on, so time sheets are very important to us. We knew that our old productivity tool provider was no longer developing for time sheets and so we had to look for a new tool.
It seemed like Teamwork Projects were catering for our exact market. We could see that time sheets were a feature of Teamwork Projects and that you were going to continue developing it.
From our trial version of Teamwork Projects, it seemed like the perfect transition for us. Teamwork Projects seemed to offer pretty much the same things our old tool did. There was some extra stuff that you did too, which kind of pushed us to work with you. For instance, we were paying for extra services like Gantt Charts, and we saw that Teamwork Projects offers Gantt Charts and other Gantt Chart integrations too.
We really like your support team, you are quick to get back to us about any questions or suggestions any of us have. Another thing we love about Teamwork Projects is that you have a roadmap of future developments, and we can see clearly when and where new features and improvements are coming.
They’re the main reasons why we made the switch over to Teamwork Projects, and we’ll never look back!

Summing up

So in the words of our customers, Teamwork Projects is; inexpensive, offers a wide range of features, it’s easy to use and has a passionate and supportive team behind it- Just some of the top reasons why the above Web Design Agencies joined Teamwork Projects. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!
Well, there you have it, some of the main reasons why Web Design Agencies started using Teamwork Projects. Stay tuned because in our next post, we’ll find out why they’re still using us.
We have a page on our website solely devoted to Agencies and Teamwork Projects. To learn more about Teamwork Projects, and how it can benefit your agency simply click here and find out.
P.S. Big shout out to Inge, Debbie, Mark and Mat for making this post possible and for helping us to learn all about Web Design Agencies!
This is Part 1 of a series of 3 Posts. Part 2 is all about Web Design Agencies favorite features of Teamwork Projects. Check it out right here!