We launched Teamwork CRM just over one month ago and it’s been an exciting month to say the least. As the Product Manager of Teamwork CRM, I’d like to give you an overview of what the near future looks like, what we’re currently working on, and what we’d like to hear from you about. So here we are: Teamwork CRM, the fifth product in our suite, has finally been shipped. Launching a new product is an incredibly interesting project. We had different teams dotted around the globe working together tirelessly in an effort to officially launch Teamwork CRM on April 30th. But the reality is that the official launch marked the end of the beginning for Teamwork CRM. As any product manager knows, there’s no time to kick back and bask in the glory of having released a product; once that first hurdle is out of the way, now the real work begins – listening to customers and understanding their needs. The following roadmap will go through the short-term, medium-term and long-term plans for Teamwork CRM, based on your feedback.

Short-term roadmap

Integrations with the Teamwork suite

One of our ongoing focuses for Teamwork CRM is building out the integration with the rest of the Teamwork suite of products. There’s so much potential to optimize your workflow, save time and make your team more efficient. The integration between our products is at an early stage— but it’s only the beginning, and we have big plans. In Teamwork Projects, you can currently create a project from a Lead or Opportunity. With Project Templates nearly ready for release in Teamwork Projects, you’ll soon be able to create a templated project from a deal in Teamwork CRM. The second phase of the integration will allow you to create a task in Teamwork Projects from a Lead or Opportunity in Teamwork CRM.  For instance, if you’re closing a deal and need the Finance Department to do a final review of the terms, you can simply create a task for them to complete. This gives teams context of the deal you’re working on and gives you a clear trail of accountability. In Teamwork Desk, you can currently see if the person you’re communicating with on the ticket has already been created as a Lead or Opportunity in Teamwork CRM. We’re also expanding on this so that you’ll soon be able to create a Lead or Opportunity in Teamwork CRM directly from Teamwork Desk. Your feedback on how the products integrate is crucial to the direction we will take so please feel free to email any suggestions to crm@teamwork.com. You can read more about the existing integrations with the Teamwork suite in this blog post.

Bulk editing

We’re currently making significant improvements to allow for the bulk editing of lists in Teamwork CRM. A highly requested feature, the ability to edit lists in bulk is an obvious time-saver. If you have a list of 30 leads that need to be assigned to a new owner, you will no longer need to manually change ownership of each lead individually. Instead, with bulk list editing you’ll be able to assign your list of 30 leads to a new owner in just a few simple steps. You will also have the option to edit both standard and custom fields. Bulk edit on lists will save your team a lot of time on manual admin and accelerate your workflow.

Zapier integration

When you pair Teamwork CRM with Zapier, you instantly add more flexibility, functionality, and automation. We’ve already got a robust Zapier integration with both Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk so we’ve seen first hand the value this integration can bring to customers. The first version of the Zapier and Teamwork CRM integration will allow you to use Actions to create leads, activities, companies, and contacts in Teamwork CRM, as well as using Searches to look up activities, companies or a specific deal. (If you would like beta access to this integration, just let us know at crm@teamwork.com)

Medium-term roadmap

Looking a little further ahead to the medium-term roadmap, there are a number of key features we’ll be prioritizing.

Email integration

Email integration is essential in order to optimize your workflow, manage customers efficiently from the first contact, and ensure important information is effortlessly captured in Teamwork CRM. We want to integrate the conversations happening in Outlook or Gmail with Teamwork CRM so that your sales team can capture their communication with prospects and clients in one place. We’re currently speaking to customers to gather feedback on the approach we’d take on this so we’d love to hear more suggestions on what you’d like to see.

Workflow automation

We’ve been seeing a lot of requests around workflow automation to help teams reduce the number of manual steps required to carry out certain actions. A simple example of this is when an opportunity is won, a renewal opportunity is automatically created for the client and placed in a renewals pipeline.  A close date of 12 months is then automatically assigned as well as adding a to-do to contact the customer about the renewal three months prior to their renewal date. These kinds of automations will accelerate your team’s productivity and reduce the amount of time they currently spend carrying out manual admin tasks. So for us, understanding our customers’ priority workflows is going to be essential to deliver optimal functionality. Tell us about yours here.


A key feature we will be working on is a CRM Dashboard that will give you a big picture, high-level view in one place. It will display upcoming activities, recently won opportunities, high-level reporting and much more. The Dashboard will provide you with insights on key information that’s important to you so that you can get up to date quickly, and know where to focus your attention.

Long-term roadmap

Our longer-term roadmap will be more focused on building integrating Teamwork CRM with the Teamwork suite of products even further, as well as advanced reporting and Social CRM where you can sync the social details, like website, LinkedIn and Facebook information for the companies and contacts that you’re selling to in Teamwork CRM. While all of the above comes with the usual caveat that roadmaps are subject to change, it also comes with the promise that any changes will be driven by customer feedback. So we’d love to hear from you. Just comment on this blog, email us at crm@teamwork.com, or schedule a call with me. Whatever your preferred method, please keep in touch — because as a customer, you’re the driving force behind Teamwork CRM.