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This month we’re thrilled to bring you some exciting new updates in Teamwork, Teamwork Mobile, and Teamwork Desk. From new inline editing capabilities within Table View to the Teamwork Desk Data Viewer, which helps you connect and visualize data from other sources directly in the ticket view, and new functionality within teamwork Mobile, we’ve got features that will get you to work more efficiently. 

We’re currently putting significant focus on our integrations. We’re delighted to share how Teamwork and SyncHub have helped Umlaut, an Australian data management firm, to streamline the delivery of reports to both new and existing clients. And, we’re also excited to share a quick survey with you to see what integrations you would like to see in the future.

Enhancing Table View with Inline editing

Earlier this year, we released Table View in Teamwork. This view allows you to efficiently manage all of your work easier than ever before. Simply add, track, and manage your project work much faster to digest large volumes of data and information at a quick scan. 

Since our beta release of the Table View enhancements just 2 months ago, we’ve added a significant amount of functionality to it. 

Now you can edit numerous task details from directly within the Table View! 

The most requested enhancement from our customers was to have the ability to add and edit estimated time from within the table. With this new improvement, we’ve reduced the number of clicks from 5 to 2 for users adding estimated time, increasing both the efficiency and ease of use for customers.

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And it doesn’t stop there, other fields that are now editable from within Table View include:

  • Populate, change or clear Task Description - New!

  • Populate, change or clear Text Custom Fields - New!

  • Populate, change or clear Numerical Custom Fields - New!

  • Populate, change or clear Dropdown Custom Fields - New!

  • Assign, change or clear a Board Column - New!

  • Populate, change or clear Task Name

  • Populate, change or clear Task Assignees

  • Populate, change or clear Start and End Dates

  • Populate, change or clear Priority

  • Populate, change or clear Tags

  • Add, change or clear Estimated Time 

  • Log Time

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Teamwork Desk Data Viewer 

Our latest Teamwork Desk feature supports you by connecting data from third-party apps to better visualize information directly in the Desk ticket view.

By using the Data Viewer, information is pulled from any API that returns a JSON response. The data is then displayed directly next to your customer and ticket information, which means you have the information you need at hand.

With this release, Bearer and Basic are both supported for API Authentication. To set this up, view our help doc here or check out our Shopify template for the Desk Data Viewer here.

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We want to hear from you! 

Did you know Teamwork integrates with a host of other applications like Slack, Google Drive, Quickbooks, Dropbox, and many more? 

This month, we’d love to capture some of your feedback on those integrations, such as: 

  • Are you happy with our integrations? 

  • Which integration do you value the most? 

  • Which integrations would you like to see in the future? 

To answer those questions, we’ve put together a quick 3-minute survey you can take here. 

Your feedback is instrumental toward the development of our integrations roadmap, so your feedback helps.

Speaking of integrations, we’re delighted to share how Teamwork and SyncHubb helped Umlaut, an Australian data management firm, streamline the delivery of their reports to both new and existing clients. Check out their story here.

New additions to Teamwork Mobile 

Since launching our new mobile apps, we’ve been listening to your feedback and constantly working to improve your experience.

What’s new on iOS

The number one feature request for iOS has been the ability to see tasks across multiple projects. And now you can! We’ve added an "All Tasks" button which is front and center on the Home screen. As soon as you open the app, you’ll be able to jump to a view that allows you to see all tasks across all projects. You’ll also be able to easily filter them to see only those that are:

  • Assigned to you

  • Late

  • Due today

The second most requested iOS feature is being able to have the ability to see what tasks an individual has on a given day. Therefore we’ve brought tasks to the Calendar screen. Simply pick a day in the calendar and easily switch between viewing events or tasks. To make it easier to view all of this extra information, we’ve shrunk the calendar down to a swipeable week view. But don’t forget, you can always drag the calendar down to its month size and we’ll remember that for you.

What’s coming soon to iOS?

We’re enhancing the way you can view both your task lists and tasks that’s similar to the list view on desktop. So no more hopping in and out of each task list if you’re trying to check through lots of items!

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What’s new on Android

As promised last month, if you’ve ‘Clock In’ and ‘Clock Out’ turned on you’re now able to clock in and out directly from the app. 

What’s coming soon to Android?

We’ve been hard at work revamping the Task Creator to show you task list defaults as you enter tasks. So you’ll know exactly what’s being set on your task via defaults and have the chance to change them if necessary, meaning there will be no more surprises when you create a task! Keep an eye out as you should see this update in a week or so.

We’ve also been putting the finishing touches on Personal Tasks, and this will be released in the coming weeks. Following on from that. we’ll be moving onto the ability to see tasks across all projects.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment in the comments section below or contact us at support@teamwork.com with any questions.

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