What a start to the first quarter of the year! It’s been a busy one for us, and a challenging quarter for our team (and probably yours) in many ways.  At Teamwork, we’re in the fortunate position that the move to remote work was a relatively smooth transition for us. So we’re going to keep doing what we do best: delivering great software to help your team collaborate and keep work going.  Here’s a snapshot of our latest releases. 

Project Time Budget does just that: it allows you to set a budget of time on any given project, and then use the time logged on that budget to calculate the remaining budget over time. This leads to a better understanding of your project’s efficiency, your team’s time utilization, and how well a project is running overall. Stay tuned for more information on this next week or check out our help doc


We’ve recently added options for custom fields at a project level, and we’re currently working on rolling out the first phase of custom fields at a task level, giving you even more control over the information in your projects. Stay tuned for more on these!

To enable Beta features for your installation, simply go to Settings from your profile section and you’ll see the Beta section, which has a list of new features you can toggle on and off.

Our new and improved Gantt chart is currently available in the Beta section of your app. Have you tried it out yet? 

Our Teams feature allows you to build groups of users from existing companies, departments or project teams and represent them as Teams in Teamwork.  Having Teams set up makes your work much more efficient as it allows you to assign tasks and milestones to specific working teams, speed up communication by using the team handle (such as @marketing), and even build dynamic followers and privacy.  We’re still working on improving this feature so we’d love to hear your feedback.

We just launched a new and improved mobile app to beta. Download it here and let us know what you think.

You asked and we listened! We’ve now made it possible for all customers to trial Workload for 30 days. You should see this prompt when you navigate to the Workload screen in your account. Learn more about Workload here. 

Have you tried these yet? Let us know what you think. You can learn more about working with Burndown panels here. 

The Teamwork Desk team has been working on additional enhancements for some of your favorite features. Here’s the rundown:

You can now manage all inbox triggers from one central place in your general Settings area. We’ve added the ability to filter all triggers across all inboxes by keyword for quick access. We’ve also added a list view that shows how many inboxes a particular trigger is shared with as well as the inbox names. Learn more here.


Pin notes to the top of a ticket thread

Now you can pin notes to the top of a thread of tickets so important information is easily accessible and doesn’t get lost between lengthy messages. When creating a new note on a ticket, you can choose to pin it by selecting the Pin this note checkbox in the bottom right of the note field when adding a note. If the information becomes obsolete, simply click the pin icon again to unpin a note. Learn more here.

We’ve made some improvements to Collision Detection to give you more visibility over who’s doing what on a ticket. Now you can see if a teammate is replying to the ticket, or simply adding a note to the same ticket that you’re interacting with. Learn more here.

We’ve added two new integrations to our repertoire his month — Integromat and Easy Insight. The Integromat and Teamwork Desk integration allows you to connect Teamwork Desk to hundreds of other apps so you can streamline how you work. The Easy Insight and Teamwork Desk integration allows you to build custom reports and dashboards so you can drill into the data that’s relevant to your business.

Our CRM team has been listening to your feedback and focusing on strengthening the integration with Teamwork even more this quarter. Here’s what’s new:

You can now bulk edit leads, opportunities, activities, people or products from the list view in Teamwork CRM. This is ideal for when you need to bulk assign deals to a new salesperson, saving you time on individually assigning each one. All you need to do is access the list view, or create a simple custom filter and bulk edit the data in one easy step. Learn more here.


We recently enhanced the Teamwork and Teamwork CRM integration. Now tasks can be created and/or linked to a CRM lead or opportunity, for example you can create a Teamwork task from Teamwork CRM to ensure a rep has all the required information on their opportunity. You can also do this for a project, e.g. after a deal has been signed off, a sales rep can create a Teamwork project to hand the client over to the operations team. We’d love to hear how your business uses it to meet your own unique needs — let us know!

The Teamwork Spaces team is constantly developing new features and offerings. Here’s what they’ve been working on lately:

Ever spent ages making changes to a document only to find that you were updating an old version? Well now you can track and view the history of changes to each page and restore a previous version if needed using Teamwork Spaces.  Version control is essential for any documents or records that undergo a lot of revisions and redrafting, especially when there are a number of users. It helps everyone involved in a document to track changes and identify when key decisions were made along the way. This is useful when you’re trying to find out what version of a policy is currently in force, or which version of a policy was in use at a particular time.


We recently released a new Starter Plan for Teamwork Spaces. This is ideal for small teams of 1-5 people who are looking for a workspace to store all of their documentation, meeting minutes, strategy, vision, policies and procedures. Limited to 30 pages of content, the new Teamwork Spaces starter plan allows you to collaborate on, organize and store all of your content and documentation in one place, to ensure your company and teams are kept up to date with the latest information

This month we’ve released the long-awaited Incoming Hooks. This allows external apps and services to send automated updates to the Teamwork Chat channels of your choice — giving your team easy access to the information they need where they spend their time. For the moment, setting up automated updates using Incoming Hooks requires some technical expertise but we will be building on top of it over the coming months to make it much more accessible. Learn more here.

Soon you’ll be able to star messages directly from both the iOS and Android Teamwork Chat mobile apps. If you haven’t already been using Starred Messages on the desktop app, you can learn more about it here. We’re constantly working on improving each of our products to help make your team more organized and efficient. There are lots of new features and enhancements in progress that we can’t wait to share with you. If you have any questions on our latest releases, send us an email at support@teamwork.com and we’d be happy to help.