What’s new in Teamwork | July 2021

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We’re delighted to bring you some exciting new updates from across the Teamwork Platform. We’ve overhauled the existing projects list view, included the ability to add file attachments in Intake Forms Forms, we’ve a new and improved Microsoft Add-In, added new mobile updates, and much more.

We’ve overhauled the existing projects list view 

Throughout July we went and overhauled the existing projects list view in Teamwork and also added some exciting new additions. 

Users now have a default view that includes Project, Owner, Company, Start Date, End Date, Tags, Budget, and Latest Activity. This allows you to easily manage all of your projects, by ensuring your key information is on one screen. You can also customize your view. All columns are sortable and adjustable so you can portray the data that is most pertinent to your project. 

And don’t fear, you can still have all the functionality that was previously there, like your dropdown menu for active and archived work, starred projects, and grouping by company.

New attachments for Intake Forms

We know that many of you are loving the new Intake Forms and we’re very grateful for your feedback. We’re delighted to announce that the No. 1 requested feature for Intake Forms is finally here — attachments. You can now easily include screen captures and documents to provide context for your work requests by adding them as an attachment to the Intake Form. 

Simply add a file attachment question into your intake form and users will be able to upload files. Using the see more option, you control how many files can be uploaded, which file type you want your users to upload, and set the limit on the size of the file.

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Creating project level webhooks 

Stay tuned! With our newest update, you will soon be able to create project level webhooks. This lets project admins create webhooks in Teamwork to provide more granularity and control.

Manage Teamwork right within Microsoft Office

Now you can make the most of your Microsoft apps by using our new-and-improved Microsoft Add-In!

Version 2 of this integration is taking the legwork out of managing siloed processes by seamlessly syncing your Microsoft apps with Teamwork.

Bug reporting and client feedback in Teamwork

Reporting bugs into new Teamwork tasks is a time-consuming process.

But thanks to Teamwork's integration with Marker.io, users can report bugs and send feedback into your Teamwork projects without ever leaving your website. 

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Learn more about the feature here from Holly Bracken, our Partnerships Manager at Teamwork.

Welcome to the Dark Side

For all of you night owls, and aesthetes, we’ve brought a beautiful new dark mode to the iOS Teamwork app. It’s lovingly designed to reduce eye strain — and to avoid the vampire reaction of a suddenly bright app in a very dark room. No configuration necessary, just turn on dark mode on your phone and enjoy those beautiful colors.

And for Android folks, we’re working hard on some great task list improvements to power your workflows! Keep an eye here for the information on the next updates.  

If you’re a fan of Dark Mode on your phone too, then let us know. (The most interesting reason for requesting dark mode, will get a prize!), and we’ll see what we can do to get it in the app!

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Enhanced ticket forwarding

We’ve some very exciting updates in progress to enhance the forwarding functionality in Teamwork Desk.

Over the coming months, we’ll introduce new controls to increase readability and workflow options on forwarded messages and replies with the introduction of parent/child tickets. 

New inbox controls are also being added to support you in specifying if the ticket history should always be included or excluded on forwarded tickets, ensuring that you never share information accidentally.

Undo send for Tickets

Soon, Teamwork Desk will support you, in adding a window of up to 30 seconds to undo sends and allow corrections on outgoing ticket responses. 

We’re adding this functionality because – let’s be honest – we’ve all been there. Just after you hit reply, you notice that there is a typo in your response or that you’ve forgotten to add an attachment. Now undo send for tickets, allows you to simply click undo on the send, so you can catch such errors and fix them before your client ever sees it.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment in the comments section below or contact us at support@teamwork.com with any questions.

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