See the latest features released in Teamwork throughout February! From our first Planned versus Actual Report - Milestones to being able to customize your project navigation tabs,   to quickly setting Task Reminders on key tasks and much more. 

Introducing Planned vs Actual Milestone Report

Introducing our brand new Planned vs Actual report! This report helps keep track of how your Milestones are progressing against how they were originally planned across your projects. With a clear view of your planned delivery vs actual progress, you can easily assess performance across your team–ensuring efficient and profitable project delivery.

Milestone Report Animation

Customizing your project navigation 

You can now customize and manage your project Navigation Tabs in Teamwork! These changes will allow you re-order, add or remove your top level tabs within a project and access your task views more quickly. Make your team more efficient, organized and happy by customizing your project navigation tabs. 

Quickly set Task Reminders on key tasks 

You now have the ability to quickly set a task reminder right from the task listing screen. Simply hover over the Task Reminder Icon to see multiple options for adding email reminders for yourself at the click of a button.

Quick reminders

Enable your team to use Teamwork's key features with the new Success Planner

Teamwork’s Success Planner is a new report based on the nine critical features essential for success. The identified functionality best supports your operational proficiency, ensuring you’ve full visibility on your organizational adoption of the platform — ensuring project success.

Try Teamwork Today

Try Teamwork Today

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Save time by editing canned responses without leaving your ticket

Now agents with permission to manage canned responses can preview and edit them directly from the ticket view. Save time by clicking into settings, and allow agents to customize canned responses as situations evolve.

Introducing Email Notification and Reminders to Teamwork CRM

CRM notifications have been updated! Users can now get email notifications straight to their inbox so they never miss a deal update, even when out of the office. Additionally, we’ve added activity reminders, so you can be notified to complete important sales activities.

CRM Reminders

Chat in video calls

Need to send a link or ask a question without interrupting the current speaker? Now you don’t have to navigate between Chat and video calls — simply message your colleagues within the Chat Video call screen. 

Efficient coding and seamless collaboration with Sentry

Sentry is an efficient monitoring platform which helps developers maintain full sight of the issues that require their attention, saving time and enabling teams to work at their optimal levels. Sentry sends this information back to teams through Teamwork, giving all those involved in the project full visibility.

Introducing a FREE toolset to help organize your business

Put a stop to meandering meetings and run more productive ones and get your teams aligned behind a shared vision. Build and visualize the organizational structure that fits your business. Track your core KPIs and see how you're progressing over time. All in one place. Free forever.

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