Create a templated project from a deal

The integration between Teamwork CRM and Teamwork Projects just got better. Now you have the option to select a pre-made project template when creating a project from a lead or opportunity — saving you even more time so you can hit the ground running and use your winning formula every time. If you haven’t tried out project templates in Teamwork Projects yet, take a look here.


Easily export your leads, opportunities, contacts, and more

Export your data from Teamwork CRM to a CSV file to quickly generate custom reports or drill down into specific sets of data. You can export the list view of leads, opportunities, activities, companies, contacts, users, and products simply by clicking on the 3 dots at the top-right of your view and selecting Export data, which will export everything from your specific list view into a CSV file. You can also export all the data of an individual item (like a lead, opportunity, or product) by going to your Profile > Settings > Export. Check out our help docs here for more info on exporting your data.


Add Teamwork CRM to your home screen

Teamwork CRM was always mobile-responsive, but now it’s even easier to keep track of your deals, wherever you are. Whether you’re on Android, iOS or Chrome, you can now save Teamwork CRM to the home screen of your device so you can quickly manage your deals while you’re on the go. Teamwork CRM is responsive in design so it seamlessly adapts to the size of your screen, no matter what the device. Check-out our help doc for more info.


Sort columns alphabetically, by value or by date

When viewing your leads or opportunities pipeline in List View, you can now sort information in columns so you can highlight what’s most important to you. By simply clicking on the column header, you can sort deals alphabetically, by value, or by date. Sorting columns in the list view helps you to identify and prioritize higher value deals and important information even quicker so you can work more effectively.


All links added to notes or activity on a deal will now be autolinked, so no more copy and pasting — now you can click right through directly from the deal.


Add power with webhooks

You can now use webhooks in Teamwork CRM to build better integrations with third-party apps or generate custom reports. You can use webhooks to automatically trigger an action every time an event occurs. For example:

  • When a deal is marked as won, create a message in Teamwork Projects

  • If a contact is created, create a new lead

  • When a new activity is created, send an email to the assignee

Check out our Webhooks guide here or Webhook help docs here.

Improved Teamwork CRM API documentation

We now have a brand new site for the Teamwork CRM API documentation, which can be found at Using our API, you can connect Teamwork CRM to other apps to automate processes, create custom reports, build custom features, sync data and much more. Our API documentation is directly linked to our code, so when our code is updated, the documentation is too — meaning you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date information. 

See what the team is working on

We’ve added a “What’s new” section to your account profile. From here you can quickly see what the team is working on: what’s in Planning, In Progress, or Released. We’ll be improving this over time to deliver quick updates on enhancements, new features, and announcements.


If you need a hand with any of the new features listed above or have any feedback, please send us an email at — we’d love to hear from you! Take a look at our roadmap for more information on what we’re currently working on. We also have a full help docs site to support you 24/7.