Time is money, and you’ll save both with improved time tracking & client onboarding updates in Teamwork Projects. Find out how the improvements we created this month can help you today.

Time logging is an important feature for so many of our users and, as we grow our business, we have come to rely on it, too. Thanks to suggestions from our team members and users like you, we’ve made some really nice improvements to the Teamwork Timer desktop app that promise to make logging time even easier. We’ve also added Basecamp and Asana importers which you can read more about here, and for anyone that uses external companies in Teamwork Projects, we’ve created a new client onboarding video that will help clients when they’re starting to use Teamwork Projects for the first time.

Time logging is a critical feature for billing clients, estimating jobs or simply making sure your team is getting the most from their work week. We’ve added several updates to the Teamwork Timer desktop app that make logging those important hours simple and intuitive. The updates are as follows:

  1. Bulk log time –Previously, you had to log each timer individually. With the new update, you can select and log multiple timers at once. 


Notifications –It’s easy to forget to log your time when you’re focused on a project, which means you have to spend valuable time going back to do a manual adjustment. We’ve added notifications that send reminders to start a timer or check on a timer that’s been running too long. You can even get a notification if a timer has paused due to inactivity. With all of these notifications, you’ll get a more accurate record of time logged throughout the day, and they should drastically reduce the number of forgotten timers–and lost revenue.


Show Timer in Status Bar on Mac –This feature is now checked by default so that the time will always show in the status bar. You can uncheck this at any time. This handy status also gives you the option to auto delete for tasks that are deleted.  


Toggleable columns –In the main timer screen, you can choose which details to show for each timer by selecting columns. We’ve also added new columns to show the project-company, estimated time, and the start time that you can display

Estimated time –You can now view and edit estimated time on a task directly from the timer, rather than having to edit times within the browser in Teamwork Projects. 


Attach tasks when logging time –If you’ve ever been in a situation where a task has evolved beyond its original scope, then you’ll appreciate this update. It’s easy to attach your time log to a different task as you’re logging it from the desktop timer. This can save you from having to add multiple timers for individual tasks.

See all of these changes in the video below.

For more information check out our Help Docs.

Recently, we had requests for more material to assist with client onboarding. We know that it can be tough to persuade your clients to try a new tool if they haven’t used it before, so we recorded a new video (see below), which should help new users feel at ease from the first time they log into Teamwork Projects.

Please try these new features and let us know what you think! As always, we love to hear your feedback, so feel free to drop us a comment below.