We recently announced that we will be rolling out our new Home area and Dashboards feature to all our customers from the 19th of September. (Don’t want to wait that long? You can enable it sooner by going to your Settings and switching it on in the Beta program section.) Today we’re going to look at how the new Home area makes it even easier to focus on the things that matter to you, helping you to be more effective, efficient, and productive. (Next week: everything you need to know about the new Dashboards feature.)

As we mentioned last week, the artist formerly known as the original “Dashboard” is now called Home. There are a few reasons for this:

  • We wanted to create somewhere where you could prioritize what really matters to you

  • We wanted to offer multiple custom dashboards with even more power, so we split Dashboards out into its own feature.

So with that in mind, let’s dig deeper into what’s included in the new Home section, and explore how you can customize it to make it feel like Home.

The My Work section is a new way of seeing your tasks, milestones and day’s events in one place. It allows you to keep track of your priorities and know what’s on your agenda for the day at the same time. You can customize what kind of tasks you want to see here, and you also have control over how they’re grouped and presented. (You can even switch off milestones, events or tasks if you don’t need to see them.)

We still have our Activity section, a feed of all the activity across the projects you are a member of. Previously, you were limited to sorting the activity feed by date or by project and seeing all activity across all the projects. We’ve now added filters so you can completely customize your activity feed, allowing you to filter by item type such as comments, projects, task lists, files and more. You’ll also notice a refreshed UI and reactions included in the feed.

Yes we said reactions! Now you can leave reactions on comments, messages, files and project updates, which speeds up your communication with team members. Reactions are a great way of acknowledging that you’ve seen something without cluttering up your communication channels.

Here you’ll see a digest of all your unread comments across projects. This gives you an easy way to see which comments you haven’t addressed yet and action them without having to jump into each individual project. You can also filter this view if you only want to see comments related to certain projects, comments from specific team members, or all unread comments during a specific time period.

Similarly, here is where you’ll be able to address all of your unread messages across projects, with an option to sort by Keyword, Project, Author, Created date, and Tags.

This agenda style list is a roundup of all your upcoming calendar events, so you can quickly see what you’ve got coming up without going into the calendar itself. You can also see event categories and attendees as part of this view.

With all the added elements of the new Home section, we needed an improved way of navigating through them all, too. You’ll now see a section called “My Projects” in the Home area. There, you’ll find all the power of the Projects list compacted into a smaller space, for lighter, quicker navigation right from the Home area. There is also a new pop out list, which allows you to quickly select any project you need.


This area is keyboard navigable (just press the up or down arrows to move through the list) and fully filterable. It gives you more options to sort it in different ways, and your last settings will be remembered next time you open it. From here, you can also expand your project to see some high-level details such as activity, number of late tasks and logged time, with a breakdown of billable and non-billable.


This helpful feature has been with us all along, and simply doesn’t get the love it deserves! So we felt the need to highlight it now for people who used the old Dashboard project list to switch between projects. Just press “s” any time or hit the folder icon in the header and you can quickly see a list of your starred projects, jump to the projects you’ve interacted with most recently, or start typing if you know the name of the project you want. It’s the handiest option for jumping straight to the project you’re looking for without taking your hands off the keyboard.

We’ve added advanced filter functionality to more than just the Activity View. You can also use it across the Projects list, Comments, Messages and Events. Each one of these filters acts independently, so you can now set up and save different filters for each section.

Get more information with fewer clicks. We recognize that it can be time consuming trying to keep track of projects and their progress so we want to help you cut through the noise and bring some key metrics to the top level. We’ve added a new layer of information to the “My Projects” list, so you can get insights into each project without having to click into them all individually. You’ll be able to check things like activity, number of overdue tasks and any recent updates at a glance.

We’re also highlighting project ownership and health as much as possible. These features are much more central to the new home area in the way they can be viewed and filtered at a glance, making them much more informative.

A place to see all of your unread comments and unread messages — and again, you can choose to only see things you care about.

A new UI for comment and message lists and a new agenda-style UI for your upcoming events — all filterable and configurable. Check out this post where we take a deeper look at the Dashboard builder, or learn more about how the new Home area and Dashboards feature will supercharge your workflow by watching our on-demand webinar. As always, you can reach out to us at support@teamwork.com with any questions or check out our help doc on working with the home area here.