Good news. You might recall that in November 2015 we released the iOS app for Teamwork Desk much to the delight of our users. And, while we didn’t want to leave our Android users in the lurch, the Android app simply wasn’t ready to go at the time. On to the present day though and we’re pleased to tell you that the Teamwork Desk Android app is here and it’s pretty slick.
With our new Android app, you can help your customers no matter where you are. View activity across all your inboxes, work in the unified inbox or just answer tickets that are assigned to you. You can easily change the status, assign it to another user, or simply move to a different inbox entirely.  Reply to tickets, add a note, or change the properties of a ticket – it couldn’t be easier.
Since launching the iOS app, we have received lots of feedback from our users who have found the mobile app really useful for triaging tickets and, Android users, you won’t be disappointed. Take a look at the app in action. Love what you see? Download from the Google Play store.

Introducing Access – our embeddable contact form.
Aptly named Access, our new embeddable contact form feature means that your customers can reach or access your support from any page on your website. Many websites offer an email address or telephone number but providing a contact form, like Access, for this purpose is much more user-friendly and convenient for your customers.
 Teamwork Desk - February 2016 Updates | High Performance Blog
To add the form to your site simply go into Teamwork Desk, select the cog icon in the bottom left-hand corner, click on Apps, select Access Contact Form from the left-hand panel, and create new form. The form itself is completely customizable. Once you have it created, simply copy the generated Javascript code and have your web developer add it to your website and that’s it.
 Teamwork Desk - February 2016 Updates | High Performance Blog
Your users no longer have to leave the web page they’re on to make contact with you. They simply need to click the contact form icon on the page they’re on and instantly submit a ticket from there. Not forgetting that, with Access, they can also search your help docs first for an answer to their query. With Teamwork Desk, we always strive to enhance the customer experience. Take a look at Access here.
 Teamwork Desk - February 2016 Updates | High Performance Blog
Embed Access into your site. We would love to hear your feedback.