Robin O’Sullivan, Product Manager of Teamwork CRM, discusses his highlights and aspirations for Teamwork CRM on its 1 year anniversary since launch. Happy First Birthday Teamwork CRM!

One year ago today we launched Teamwork CRM — and what a year it has been! Since launching, we have worked hard to continuously improve the product, respond to customer feedback, and continue to grow as we help our customers scale their businesses.  It’s been a really rewarding year, and the highlight for me as the Product Manager has been speaking to so many great people, who also happen to be our customers. Hearing their stories, how they work, and the difference that both Teamwork and Teamwork CRM has made to them is both humbling and inspiring.  That’s not to say that all the feedback or conversations have been universally positive! When our customers aren’t satisfied they don’t hesitate in letting us know what would be beneficial to them, which as a product manager is truly appreciated, as that kind of feedback is really valuable to us. Our first anniversary has led me to reflect and look at what we have achieved. Within the first year of Teamwork CRM our customer base already spans across every continent, with companies using Teamwork CRM in over 60 countries across the globe. The sun never sets on Teamwork CRM.  Amongst the feedback from our customers was one significant request, that was to create a seamless integration between Teamwork and Teamwork CRM. Now you can create a templated project or task directly from a deal within Teamwork CRM which is a big time-saver for our customers. Seeing the value our customers get from being able to simplify cross-team collaboration throughout the sales process and streamlining the handover from sales to other departments has been a great success for us as a team. We constantly strive to enhance our product and are currently working on some exciting new features. Soon to be released is our email integration, which will give customers the ability to send and receive emails from within the lead or opportunity. We are also going to introduce notifications, these will notify sales from both within the app and their email. Attributed to a sales rep deal these notifications will remind a rep to take action on their leads and opportunities. Such feature additions will really strengthen Teamwork CRM and help customers work more efficiently. Finally, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers. So on behalf of the Teamwork CRM team, I’d like to thank our community for being so engaged. We’re proud of the relationships we have built over the year, which have helped us help our customers.  I want to highlight that customer feedback truly is a key driver of our product roadmap so I want to reiterate that we love to hear from you and hearing customer stories, like Lindsey’s from Star Tower Systems have motivated us as a team to build a CRM that helps you grow your business. We’re excited about what the next year has in store, and look forward to delivering more value to our customers.