With our newest product, Teamwork CRM, we’re one step closer to realizing our ultimate ambition: creating an integrated business platform that saves you time, helps your team to become more efficient, and is the only thing you need to run your business. Period. Manage the full customer lifecycle and keep data flowing across the Teamwork suite by harnessing the power of the Teamwork CRM integration with Teamwork Projects, Teamwork Desk, and Teamwork Chat. Track and manage your sales in Teamwork CRM, organize your work in Teamwork Projects, support your customers through Teamwork Desk, consolidate your essential information using Teamwork Spaces, and communicate with your team throughout each stage of the journey using Teamwork Chat. Here’s an overview of how everything works together beautifully, and what you can expect in the future.

The integration between Teamwork CRM and Teamwork Projects streamlines your workflow, helps to develop and enhance internal processes, and saves your team from hours of manual admin. Here’s how it works. Firstly, you can create a project in Teamwork Projects directly from a lead or opportunity in Teamwork CRM. Then, you can click through to the project directly from the deal, and click back to the deal directly from the project. Think of it this way: you’re working on a lead and as it progresses through each stage of the pipeline, it’s looking more and more promising. Now it’s time to convert the lead to an opportunity. A week later and it’s a done deal — contracts are drawn up and you close the opportunity as won (nice work!). The next step is to hand over the new client to the account manager. Now, you can simply create a project directly from the won opportunity in Teamwork CRM, so that all communication and client information can be linked to the corresponding project. You can then populate the project using a client onboarding project template or task list templates so the account manager is ready to get started. Within minutes, the dedicated account manager is ready to get the client up and running and has direct access to the full customer relationship in case any questions or issues arise. The seamless handover process will not only impress your clients and give them a great impression of your team and company, but it will also help to create consistency across the board and make your team even more efficient.


This integration gives you and your team visibility over the status of anyone contacting you through Teamwork Desk, enabling you to see if the person you’re speaking to on the ticket has already been created as a lead or opportunity in Teamwork CRM. This means that when a ticket comes into your sales inbox, you’ll instantly know if they are currently (or were formerly) a lead or opportunity. Not only that, but all relevant information will show up in the Deals section in the Customer Info panel on the right-hand side of the ticket. At a glance, you’ll get key information on the status of the person you’re dealing with, such as the lead or opportunity title, deal value, the owner (i.e. the salesperson who is managing the deal), the stage it’s at in the pipeline, and the name of the pipeline they are in. You can access the deal directly from Teamwork Desk by clicking on the title. This will bring you to the deal within Teamwork CRM, where you can view the entire customer relationship. With access to the full relationship information, you can then assign the ticket to the relevant salesperson who is handling this lead. With this integration, your team can ensure that every customer receives consistent follow-up from their dedicated rep, always maintaining full visibility over who the main point of contact is.


Integrating Teamwork CRM and Teamwork Chat helps to build communication into your workflow so you can get quick answers, on the spot. Kick off a conversation with a lead or opportunity owner directly from the deal in Teamwork CRM, or enable Embedded Chat so that you can use Teamwork Chat from any page in Teamwork CRM. (Quick tip: enable Embedded Chat on Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk too to help accelerate your workflow — find out more here.) If you’re reviewing your pipeline and have a question about a deal like when it’s due to close, how a demo went, or if you see a cross-sell opportunity, you can start a chat with the deal owner right from Teamwork CRM. This helps to keep everyone communicating openly and significantly reduces the need for meetings (to the relief of many!). If you don’t already use it, Teamwork Chat is our free instant messaging app which helps you to keep communication open, make decisions faster and stay within your workflow — without losing the human touch. Enable it for free from your Teamwork Projects or Teamwork Desk site!


The integration between Teamwork CRM and Teamwork products is just getting started. We’re planning to double down on our integrations across the suite to provide a truly seamless user experience. Here are just a few of the features we have in store:

  • Create a task from a lead or opportunity in Teamwork CRM and link back to the original deal.

  • Automatically create a project or task list once you close an opportunity as won in Teamwork CRM.

  • Create a ticket in Teamwork Desk from a lead or opportunity in Teamwork CRM and link back to the original deal.

  • Create a lead or opportunity from a ticket in Teamwork Desk.

  • Open and reply to Teamwork Desk tickets directly from your activity feed in Teamwork CRM.

  • Create a space from a lead or opportunity and link back to the original deal.

We want to hear what you think: what you love, what you would change, and what you can’t wait to see. As always, customer feedback will be vital in building a more robust integration between Teamwork CRM, Teamwork Projects, Teamwork Desk, Teamwork Spaces, and Teamwork Chat. We want to know how you’d like them to integrate and what kinds of workflows any requested features would support. Send us an email at crm@teamwork.com or comment on this blog post and we’ll pass all feedback and suggestions onto our product team. We want to build seamless integrations that provide real, everyday value to our customers — so we’ll be keeping a close eye on integration requests over the weeks.