Did you know that successful sales teams are 3x more likely to use analytics than under-performing teams.  Taking a data-driven sales approach is becoming increasingly important because the more you know about your prospects and leads, well, the better. Having full visibility of your sales data gives you valuable insights into your team’s performance and helps you to identify key areas for improvement that will accelerate the stats that matter to your business. The new Easy Insight and Teamwork CRM integration lets you focus on getting the data you need to make more informed, impactful business decisions. You can import all of your Teamwork CRM sales data into Easy Insight so you can build any type of report and dashboard you need to enable you to accelerate sales cycles, improve conversion rates and meet your targets. You can also edit deals in Teamwork CRM directly from Easy Insight for quick updates as sales progress.  Let’s take a closer look.

Easy Insight makes it simple for you to get up and running by giving you 5 out-of-the-box dashboards with a variety of custom sales reports. Once you’ve connected Easy Insight with Teamwork CRM, all of your data will automatically populate the reports so you’ll instantly get a visual overview of your sales progress. What’s even better is that you can edit any of the reports and tailor them to provide the metrics that you need. In the Overview dashboard, your information is displayed across a number of bar charts, pie charts, and maps, giving you a visual overview of your sales data. With an overview of your pipeline KPIs, you get important information like Total Pipeline Value, Open Deals, and Average Deal Age in days from the outset.  The pre-built reports that make up the Dashboard are: 

  • Pipeline value by stage and rep

  • Pipeline value by product

  • Pipeline treemap

  • Days since last activity vs. pending value

These can all be edited or exported to Excel, PDF or PNG from your dashboard view. 


Other pre-built Dashboards include:

  • What’s happened, which helps you to understand trends in sales performance. You can adjust the date filter to view different ranges of quarters. The charts give you a visualization of trends in deal volume, win rate, average activities per deal, and more.

  • Sales rep won by month, which gives you a tree report to look at won deals by sales rep, with the ability to easily dive into a particular sales rep to see which deals made up those numbers. The columns of the tree automatically expand out per month based on your date filter.

  • Sales forecast, which shows you the projected value by rep over the different specified close dates for deals. An additional table below shows you the close date for each, including those with no expected close date so that you can go into your data and update the values where they need to be.

  • Activities, which help you to see the activities our team is doing to help close deals. You’re able to visualize what types of activities have happened and who has completed what number of activities.

  • Deal table, which gives you a searchable view across your deals with a variety of filters to help you pare down the results to what you’re looking for. This report is particularly good for exporting to Excel or PDF.

  • Seasonality, which helps you look at your current deals compared to the deals from the same time period in previous years and understand seasonal trends in your business. This can help give added context to your business performance as opposed to simply comparing the previous quarters.

  • Products, which gives you a trend analysis of sales by product and a breakdown of which reps are successfully selling a particular product.

  • Leads and activities, which gives you a visualization of where your leads are. You’re also able to see which companies haven’t had recent activity to help capture cold, stagnant leads before they go away altogether.

For more granular insights, you can interact with a number of pre-built reports to filter your view by rep or product for quick insights into their pipeline value.  Drill into the detail on a number of reports to get a breakdown of all the deals that the chart is comprised of. The two-way sync with Teamwork CRM also allows you to edit deal information like title, stage and assigned owner — directly from Easy Insight.


Not only can you edit the pre-built reports, but you can also build custom reports and dashboards from scratch, selecting the data that matters to you.  It’s simple to do and you can create a report in a couple of clicks. All you need to do is select the report type — like bar, pie, scatter, or Gantt chart — and then choose the grouping and measures (for example, user and total value). Save your report and you can access it anytime from your main integration view. Once you have the reports you want, set up recurring email deliveries to keep your team on the same page with daily or weekly emails of the reports and dashboards to your team.

Once you enable the two-way sync between Teamwork CRM and Easy Insight, you’ll be able to edit deal titles and values, move them through pipelines and stages, and re-assign owners. Using the Deal edit list, you can make the changes you need and all updates will sync back to Teamwork CRM. Sound good? Easy Insight offers a free 30-day trial to all new customers. You can sign up via their website here.  This is a third-party integration built and supported by the team at Easy Insight. We remain committed to working on the feature requests that appear on our roadmap. If you need a hand getting set up with this integration, or have any queries, please contact the Easy Insight team at support@easy-insight.com.