and HubSpot Part 1: How + HubSpot Automations Reduce Up to 15 Hours of Manual Work

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As a HubSpot Diamond Partner and Partner, Digital Reach is here to help your business solve the crisis of disconnection. With a proliferation of tools, teams often find themselves bogged down by manual tasks, disconnected data, and an overwhelming number of apps to manage customer relationships. This can lead to a reduction in productivity, team alignment, and ultimately, business growth.

At INBOUND 2022, HubSpot identified a collective pain point that businesses and teams today know all too well: disconnection. Disparate data from cobbled-together point solutions, disconnected teams, and unhappy customers, ultimately leading to a slump in business growth.

Short on time? If you’d rather watch than read, get to the finish line first, and check out the first installment of our 3-part + HubSpot Automation Training series.

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The recent numbers clearly call out what HubSpot coined as "The Crisis of Disconnection":

  • 74% of CRM buyers feel their teams have to switch between too many tools to get the job done, and 76% are using 3 or more applications to manage their relationships with customers.

  • Psychologists have found that switching gears and logging into disparate tools can eat up as much as 40% of an employee’s productive time.

  • Marketers spend an average of 3.55 hours each week collecting, organizing, and analyzing marketing data from separate sources.

  • Sales reps use just 62% of their tech stack.

The point is this: the more tools we have at our disposal, the less connected we seem to be. It’s both an irony and a reality.

To tackle this problem, the Digital Reach Online Solutions team leverages the power of and HubSpot to simplify our workflows and automate our project management. 

Jump right in and find out how these automations can benefit your business, and then explore custom + HubSpot solutions that can supercharge team efficiency (hint: we do all the heavy lifting for you).

Why you’re going to love + HubSpot 

For those of you who are familiar with HubSpot, you'll know that it's a powerful tool for automating and streamlining your business processes. When combined with, a flexible and user-friendly project management tool, you get a complete solution for managing projects, teams, and customer relationships.

What is is an online project management and team collaboration tool for companies that want to take their client work to the next level. It’s easy to use, super flexible and helps teams stay on track and organized as well as make sure that their work is always up-to-date.

At Digital Reach, we've seen firsthand how helps us keep track of project progress and anticipate problems before they arise. With the ability to break down projects into tasks and subtasks, provides a granular view of each task's status and a holistic view of the project's health. This enables us to quickly identify areas that need improvement, communicate with the right team member, and work together to drive the project to completion.

New to Still making sense of HubSpot? 

Take advantage of best-in-class solutions for both platforms from our team of gurus and HubSpot experts. Whether you’re happy to work with just HubSpot for now or want to explore + HubSpot, you can always reach out for a quick, no-commitment call.
Let's talk!

What’s so great about + HubSpot integration?

Short answer: automations!

The integration of and HubSpot provides a powerful solution for businesses that require a lot of collaboration. HubSpot, the preferred CRM for hundreds of companies of all sizes, is great at automating processes and managing customer relationships. However, it's not designed for project management outside the sales realm. By fortifying its offerings with a integration, you'll be able to close the loop between your teams, clients, and projects.

With two-way integrations,, and HubSpot will help you save time and streamline your workflow. Repetitive tasks and disparate data will become a thing of the past, as automations get your systems talking to one another and keep information in sync.

Explore no-fuss, no-code + HubSpot project management automations

We've crafted no-code custom automations between HubSpot and that play nicely with your existing project management processes. 

With these automations, you'll be able to:  

  • Push all of your deals from HubSpot into with the click of a button. 

  •  Create new projects in automatically when deals are closed in HubSpot. 

  • Add templates to anything new you create in in order to ensure consistency across the board. 

  • Add tasks and information directly into any new project created in with just one click

  • Plus, if you have an idea in mind that you don’t see available yet, we can take care of that too! 

You'll never miss a beat. Your data will always flow and your communication with your teams and clients will always be cohesive. And we're not just your average connection service; our custom automations work both ways so when something new happens in HubSpot, it updates things in so that no project is ever out of date.

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Two great apps, one powerful connection. We can help.

Stop switching between tools. Start really working together. Whether you're already a fan of HubSpot or just starting to explore, our team of experts is here to help. We'll provide you with best-in-class solutions for both platforms so that you can take advantage of their full potential. If you'd like to learn more, don't hesitate to reach out.

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