Streamline your development workflow and save more time each day with our new extension. The Teamwork Projects and Visual Studio Code extension allows you to manage your projects and tasks directly from within Visual Studio Code so you can get more work done from one place.  When you’re writing code, even a seemingly minor thing like switching between multiple tabs can have major consequences. It can lead to distraction, more errors, and more time stuck in code review limbo. Now you can streamline your process and keep your attention focused on the work that matters, for higher-quality results.   By creating and managing your Teamwork Projects tasks and projects from directly within Visual Studio Code, you can save tons of time and stay focused on what you need to get done. Streamline your workflow even further by turning your source code //todos or comments into tasks in Teamwork Projects — meaning no tasks get lost between lines of code. With the Visual Studio Code extension, you can now just right-click any line of code you’re working on and create a task to directly turn your comment into a task in Teamwork Projects. To make things even more efficient, if you’re working in a Github repository, the newly-created task will have a direct link to the exact line in Github so you can easily keep track of necessary changes directly in your source code. By creating tasks directly from the code you’re working on, you can properly track and manage all follow-up to-dos more efficiently than before.

Here’s how it works

Connect the Visual Studio Code extension with Teamwork Projects by installing it from the marketplace or by searching the marketplace from directly within the VS Code app. Once enabled, the Teamwork Projects logo will appear on the left-hand panel of the app. From here, you can see and interact with all of the projects and tasks you have access to. If you want to view a task you’ve been working on, just click on the task and it will appear in its own panel at the right-hand side of your screen. From here, you can view all of your task details, attachments and add comments. 


To create a task, simply select a line of code within your source code file, right-click and select Create Task. You can then choose the Project and Task List you want to add the task to, add an assignee and a due date. 


This new extension is a game-changer for any developer who uses Visual Studio Code and Teamwork Projects to build software. Check out our help docs for more information on getting started or reach out to our Support team on