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The way we live and work has changed significantly in the last year. One aspect of our work lives that has taken a hit is the way we collaborate with our colleagues and clients. 

The process of reviewing content and providing feedback may have been done face-to-face in the past, but this won’t be possible in the near future. Our partner, TaskReviewer has created a tool exclusively for Teamwork that enables you to provide feedback, notify the right people and onboard clients to weigh in on projects. 

Streamline collaboration

Traditionally, a content review feature as neat as TaskReviewer may have only been used between internal teams. While such tools were suitable for internal review processes, onboarding clients onto a new platform to feedback on design projects and written content is no easy feat.

This tedious review process with agencies and clients often results in miscommunication, endless back and forth on projects and overall inefficiency.

However, TaskReviewer streamlines this disjointed process, enabling every stakeholder to be a part of review processes in one, unified platform. A reviewer does not need a Teamwork account to access files to be reviewed and have their say. This tool does the legwork for you when it comes to communicating with clients to obtain feedback and then relaying the information to your team.

TaskReviewer also saves all feedback and versions for you, providing a full view of how your content and designs have evolved over time, no matter how extensive the project is.

Getting started

This feature works in Google Chrome as an extension that sits on top of Teamwork. You would need to take the following steps to get TaskReviewer up and running:

  1. Download the extension! If you’re using with or then this is the extension you need. However, if you’re using with a custom domain eg. this is the extension you need.

  2. Once the download is complete, log into your Teamwork account via your new extension.

  3. Navigate onto our task page and you’re ready to use TaskReviewer! You can start reviewing project files and inviting reviewers by adding files directly onto your Teamwork tasks. TaskReviewer supports Office files such as Word, Excel & Powerpoint, as well as PDFs, images and video - now you’re ready to conduct reviews of your assets directly on Teamwork! 

Let’s get stuck in with a quick use-case:

You run a design agency and have been tasked to get a website off the ground for a client. Your main source of truth is Teamwork as you and your team use it to keep track of projects and plan ahead. Your designer has come in with a first draft of their design for your client’s landing page. The review process kicks off with the designer pulling her work into the TaskReviewer board column and pings her team that it's ready for discussion. 

TaskReviewer not only allows you to comment on direct files, it also enables collaboration between teams and even between companies. You’re now able to add additional members so they can jump right in and share their thoughts. Annotating has never been easier.

Now that your team has passed the design file through the review stages, it's good to go to the client.

Usually, you would email this file to them to get their feedback and approval, or send it via another communication channel. However, that’s no longer necessary with TaskReviewer. You can remain in Teamwork, open up the TaskReviewer tool, and invite external reviewers. Your clients will get an email inviting them to collaborate on the design, and all comments and feedback can happen right there. So everyone is in the loop, never missing a beat!

Let TaskReviewer do the legwork for you

So now you’re all set up and ready to reap the benefits of your new extension. If you work in an agency that deals with a high volume of tasks and long review processes, TaskReviewer can cut the amount of time you spend on sending assets as attachments.

TaskReviewer takes on the tedious tasks allowing you to focus on what truly matters - delivering great work.

This is a third-party integration built and supported by the team at TaskReviewer. We remain committed to working on the feature requests that appear on our roadmap. If you need a hand getting set up with this integration, or have any queries, please contact the TaskReviewer team at

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