Quickly set Task Reminders to ensure your team gets notified

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Your team now has the capability to quickly set task reminders for any task in their task list. This new feature allows you to stay up-to-date on your latest tasks from start to completion — allowing for the timely execution of your project.

We know in today's remote world teams are busy. Whether it’s balancing work lives with homeschooling or work commitments with personal lives, everyone is multitasking. Distraction is simply inevitable, which causes even the best of workers to forget some key tasks they need to complete. 

As organizations understand and respect these pressures, we at Teamwork also understand that on-time project delivery is key to you and your business.

That is why we introduced the ability to quickly add task reminders to your tasks directly from your Task Lists.

How does it work?

By simply hovering over the Task Reminder icon for the relevant task in your Task List, you will immediately be given a range of predefined options to choose from or you can select the custom reminder that brings you directly to the Advanced Reminder modal.

As seen below, you can quickly set a reminder for yourself to be notified:

  • Later today - 2 hours later

  • Tomorrow - 09:00 the following day

  • Next week -  09:00 - seven days later

  • Task due date - if the task has a due date beyond tomorrow

  • Custom reminder - set a custom date and time

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This is ideal for someone who needs to focus on another task and come back to subsequent tasks that they originally thought would be executed earlier in their day or week. 

This functionality is also available on our mobile app, so for team members that are away from their desk, they can add a quick reminder on their phone and ensure they get to the task at an appropriate time.

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Finally, all other aspects of our reminders are unchanged. Whether you want to see how to use keyboard shortcuts, (simply hover the mouse over a task and press r) or learn more about our existing or new reminder functionality, you can view our helpdoc here

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