Streamline project planning and setup by assigning work to teams and sub-teams — saving you time on admin work and giving you a high-level view of team accountability and workload.

We’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s in preparation to put the Team(s) in Teamwork in the coming weeks. Our latest feature, Teams, will allow you to group users together into teams and sub-teams so you can communicate more efficiently just like you would in real life. 

 With Teams, you’ll save time on project planning and setup, speed up cross-team communication, and create an even more organized workspace that will make it far easier to onboard new employees as you grow.

 Here’s what you’ll be able to do with Teams:

  • Assign individual tasks to teams 

  • @mention teams in comments and messages

  • Assign tasks to specific teams in Project Templates

  • Filter tasks assigned by team

  • View the capacity of people on specific teams

Now, let’s take a closer look!

Let’s say you’re a Creative Director at an agency. Here’s how you might organize your team and sub-teams in Teamwork:

 You can setup “Creative Team” as the Parent Team and create sub-teams of: 

  • Copywriters

  • Editors

  • Graphic designers

  • Video

  • Web 

Now, when someone new joins the team, you can simply add them to the relevant sub-team and they’ll automatically be added to the Parent Team as well. They’ll also automatically be added to all projects the team has been added to — making your life a lot easier as your team grows. They’ll also automatically inherit the privacy of any tasks assigned to that team. 

Once your Teams and Sub-teams are set up, the fun can begin. Assign individual tasks to Teams to save time on project planning and setup. This is especially useful when it doesn’t matter who on the team completes the work, so team members can pick up tasks between themselves based on their workloads and priorities. 

You’ll also be able to assign tasks to teams in Project Templates.

When creating your project template, simply assign a task to a team and once the project template has been used, then the chosen team will automatically be assigned to that task.

You can also mention an entire Team in a comment or message using their team handle like @marketing. This makes it much easier to collaborate with an entire team and get quick input when needed, or deliver quick status updates.

Now that you’ll be able to assign tasks to teams, you’ll be able to filter to see all tasks assigned to specific teams. This will give you better visibility over your team’s work, giving you an overview of all tasks assigned to both the individual people on a team but also the tasks assigned to the whole team.

You’ll also be able to filter by teams in the Workload view so that you can get an overview of the capacity of only the people in that team.

 Introducing Teams to Teamwork is going to save you lots of time — especially when it comes to project planning and setup. The dynamic privacy and user management makes it easier to scale your business, helping you to deliver projects on time and on budget much more efficiently.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out at and we’d be happy to help. You can also check out our list of dedicated help docs here

Check out what plans Teams are available on here.