11 pay-per-click companies who won't blow your ad spend (+ tips for managing your own PPC campaigns)

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The average cost per lead on Google Ads has risen for 91% of industries between 2022 and 2023.

However, pay-per-click advertising is essential for your company. 

You definitely don’t want to waste your ad spend, though. From that standpoint, it might make sense to hire a specialist. (Although, if you want to handle it yourself, we can help with that, too!)

The PPC companies on this list represent some of the best and brightest agencies in the business. If you decide to do it yourself, we’ve included some tips plus a software recommendation.

1) Directive

Directive specializes in marketing for software developers and tech companies. They offer a variety of services (including PPC marketing), so you can work with them on a marketing plan that covers all the bases. Their specialty is developing marketing plans that leverage financial modeling in order to bring in more leads.

As a company that works with a lot of software-as-a-service (SaaS) customers, Directive works hard to not only bring in paying customers but also long-term users. To learn pricing, you’ll need to contact Directive for a custom quote.

Location: Irvine, California

Size: Mid-size, 150-200 employees

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Key services

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • PPC advertising

  • Marketing analytics

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Paid media

  • Strategy

  • Design

2) Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is an all-in-one agency that focuses on ROI-based marketing. That means their biggest focus is ensuring clients get returns on their marketing dollars. 

Ignite’s services are designed to expand reach, bring in new customers, and generate revenue. Pricing with this agency varies — you’ll need to get a custom quote.

Location: La Jolla, California

Size: Mid-size, 150-200 employees

Key services

  • PPC management

  • SEO

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Web design and development

  • Social media marketing

  • Amazon marketing

  • Public relations

3) Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising is a great choice for PPC marketing. In fact, while this agency offers a variety of other services, PPC is their bread and butter.

Their key service is auditing ad accounts. According to their site, after auditing more than 10,000 accounts, they’ve discovered that 76% of ad spending ends up wasted before clients come to their doors!

Disruptive Advertising is a company capable of taking on large clients, too. They employ some of the industry’s top talent, and deal in more than $250 million per year in annual ad spending. To inquire about pricing, you’ll need to contact Disruptive Advertising for a quote.

Location: Pleasant Grove, Utah

Size: Mid-size, 150-200 employees

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Key services

  • Ad account and PPC audits

  • Paid search marketing

  • Paid social marketing

  • Lead nurture marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Video ad development

  • Landing page design

  • Website and SEO optimization

4) Greenlight

Greenlight is a full service digital marketing agency that focuses on e-commerce and consumer goods. Top clients include brands like FootAsylum, Furniture Village, New Balance, and Laura Ashley.

As a full service agency, you can rely on Greenlight not only as a PPC management company, but also an agency that can help you with SEO, creative direction, content marketing, and much more.

Since they specialize in e-commerce, they also offer commerce systems integration to get webstores up and running. Contact Greenlight directly for a quote to get an idea of pricing.

Location: King’s Cross, London

Size: Mid-size, 150-200 employees

Key services

  • SEO

  • Paid search queries and online shopping

  • Creative direction

  • Website design and build

  • Data, analytics, and target audience insights

  • Commerce systems integration

  • Conversion optimization

  • Content marketing

5) KlientBoost

According to KlientBoost, they’re the “performance marketing agency that moves fast and breaks things.” As performance marketers, this agency is all about increasing their clients’ revenue while scaling marketing and advertising strategies. 

They work with a variety of major companies like SAP, Airbnb, Upwork, Brinks, and others. KlientBoost will happily take on companies of all sizes, from small business startups to global brands. KlientBoost offers a free marketing plan, but you’ll need to get a custom quote for additional services.

Location: Costa Mesa, California

Size: Mid-size, 150-200 employees

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Key services

  • PPC strategy and PPC management

  • Google advertising

  • Facebook advertising

  • Search engine marketing

  • Content marketing

  • SEO strategy

  • Link building services

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Email marketing

6) Bird Marketing

Bird Marketing is known as an innovator among advertising agencies. This company has won multiple awards for creating bold designs, unique SEO techniques, and new approaches to development.

Bird Marketing isn’t quite a full service advertising agency — at least, not compared to many of the other agencies on this list — but the services they do offer are among some of the best in the world.

This company focuses on web design and pay-per-click management for their clients. To learn pricing, contact Bird Marketing directly for a quote.

Location: Essex, UK

Size: Mid-size, 100-150 employees

Key services

  • Web design

  • pay-per-click marketing services

  • SEO

  • In-house web hosting

  • E-commerce site development

7) Loud Mouth Media

Loud Mouth Media bills itself as a performance marketing agency — and one of the best in the business. They’re a full service agency that creates comprehensive online advertising strategies.

Like some others on this list, this is a company that works with some of the most recognized brands in the world. Ever hear of Liberty Mutual and BMW? If you want to learn about pricing, get in touch with Loud Mouth directly to get a quote.

Location: Belfast, Ireland

Size: Small, 10-50 employees

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Key services

  • Paid search ads

  • PPC management agency

  • Digital strategy

  • Google display network services

  • Video advertising services

  • Social advertising services

  • SEO

  • E-commerce marketing strategy

8) Smec

Smec is an agency that focuses on e-commerce: specifically, online retailers. Since 2008, they’ve worked with companies like Mountain Warehouse, Allbeauty, and Intersport.

Their offerings are somewhat different from some of the other agencies on this list.

They have PPC campaign management — but Smec also offers pricing and inventory management services plus data activation. This helps clients better leverage data to make the most of PPC campaigns, product prices, and more. For pricing, contact Smec with a list of your needs to get a quote.

Location: Linz, Australia

Size: Mid-size, 100-150 employees

Key services

  • Digital advertising

  • PPC services

  • Data activation and monitoring

  • Pricing and inventory management

  • Shopping ad automation

  • Search ad automation

  • Dynamic price automation

  • Retail insights

  • Comparison shopping services

9) AdVenture Media Group

AdVenture Media Group is a small PPC agency that packs a big punch. Their ad campaigns have delivered results for such powerhouses as AMC, Forbes, Hearst, and Sennheiser.

AdVenture specializes in paid ads for search and social media — but they offer a variety of other services, too.

As a PPC management agency, AdVenture is one of the very few that have earned the coveted Google Premier Partner status, awarded to agencies who have proven their excellency in paid advertising. If you’re curious about pricing, contact AdVenture directly for a quote.

Location: New York

Size: Small, fewer than 50 employees

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Key services

  • Remarketing/retargeting

  • Full service PPC management

  • Google Shopping campaigns

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Landing page design

  • A/B testing

10) Tinuiti

Tinuiti holds the distinction of being the largest performance marketing agency out there. As such, they can advertise through Google, Amazon, Facebook, major retailers, and major TV streaming services.

With this agency, you’ll gain access to Mobius, their proprietary suite of marketing intelligence technology. To learn about Tinuiti’s pricing, contact them for a quote.

Location: New York

Size: Large, more than 1,000 employees

Key services

  • Marketing campaigns through Amazon, Walmart, Instacart and more

  • PPC ads

  • Lifecycle marketing

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Paid social marketing

  • SEO

  • Creative direction

  • Influencer marketing

  • Display ads

  • Analytics

11) Stryde

Stryde is an agency that focuses on helping e-commerce brands scale. They do offer PPC marketing, but they specialize in growing traffic, lead generation, and revenue growth.

To pull it off, Stryde relies on AI tools and marketing technology to analyze past marketing efforts and develop successful new campaigns. Stryde also does comprehensive business, market, and industry analysis to develop high-growth strategies for e-commerce brands. You can get a free marketing plan from Stryde, but you’ll need to contact them directly for pricing on their primary services.

Location: Lehi, Utah

Size: Small, fewer than 25

Key services

  • SEO

  • Facebook and paid social marketing

  • Paid search and SEM

  • Email marketing

Tips for managing PPC campaigns

Want to manage your agency’s PPC campaigns?

It’s a complex process — but once you know the steps, it’s not too difficult. Use the tips below to guide you.

You’ll also need a great project management tool designed to help you stay on top of all the tasks that come with PPC marketing. 

Our recommendation? Try Teamwork! It was built with agencies in mind, giving you everything needed to manage multiple complex projects.

Determine your ad budget

Determining your budget is the tricky part.

Profitability goals, keyword intent, and past ad performance will all play a role. Figure out what your target cost per acquisition should be, so you can help prevent overspending on advertising. You’ll also need to do some preliminary keyword research to figure out the costs associated with your target keywords.

Last of all, account for past ad campaign performance. In Google Ads, be sure to look at the “impression share lost due to budget” metric. If this metric shows a number higher than zero, it means ads aren’t showing up as often as they could because your budget is set too low. That means you could be missing potential leads.

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Select your bidding strategy

In Google Ads, you can bid manually, or you can use their bidding automation tools to make the process easier. Google’s Smart Bidding strategies will target specific things like cost per action (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS), conversion maximization, and so on.

Use the right ad platforms

While Google Ads is the platform most often discussed, there are ad platforms a plenty out there, including Microsoft Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, and all the other major social platforms.

Google may seem like a no-brainer, but don’t discount some of the others. Consider what each platform has to offer you in terms of their user base (and your target audience), creative design opportunities, and other elements that can help you increase brand awareness.

Choose relevant keywords 

Don’t choose just any keywords. Do thorough keyword research to find profitable ones that are relevant to your client’s brand.

Drill down on specifics about their offerings, needs that those products fulfill, and other details to create a solid list of keywords.

Customize your target audience, interests, and location

Demographic targeting is a crucial part of PPC marketing. It helps you make the most of your ad spend by filtering out the demographics that aren’t part of your target audience.

For instance, if your product is geared toward the 18-24-year-old demographic, you can use demographic targeting to avoid showing ads to those in the 50-65-year-old range. Be sure to tweak these settings so that your ads are being shown to the right people.

Optimize your website and landing pages

What will make your reader stay on the page?

Use formatting tricks like bullet lists, short paragraphs, bolding, and anything else that keeps their eyes moving. The longer readers stay on your website, the better chance you have of converting them into customers.

Linking to other pages on your website can keep them around longer as well.

Monitor your campaigns regularly

PPC marketing isn’t a one and done effort. Campaigns should be monitored regularly — sometimes even daily — so you can stay on top of trends and make adjustments to your budget.

That’s another reason why you need a planning tool like Teamwork. It’s ideal for marketing agencies who need things like task management and reminders to ensure they check out their PPC campaigns regularly.

Plan and execute your PPC campaigns with Teamwork

Want to handle PPC marketing in-house? We’ve got your back. Teamwork gives your agency the functionality to streamline PPC marketing efforts. Use it to create a plan. Transform that plan into tasks for your designers, ad management specialists, and everyone else on your team. Keep track of important metrics all on one platform.

Ready to give it a try? Sign up here and start managing your agency’s PPC campaigns with ease.

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