The Developer Portal allows you to build apps that integrate with Teamwork using any of our product REST APIs. It gives you easy access to the authentication details that are needed to create an app or service using any of our public APIs. It gives Developers an easy and secure way to access the tools they need to begin building an app.

As of 31st August 2021, all apps and integrations using App Login Flow will require to be registered with the Developer Portal, otherwise no tokens will be issued from that day on. Whether your app is using basic authentication or our App Login Flow without the Developer Portal credentials, we want to help you to get your app up to date using our latest authentication mechanism.

The Developer Portal allows you to create apps and use the credentials to authenticate your users. How does it work? Let’s take a look!

Registering your app with the Developer Portal

Step 1: Set your publisher details

The first step you need to take is to simply set up your company details under the Developer Portal. These details will then be used to verify your company and app.

Step 2: Create an app

You’ll need the following information in order to create an app:

  • Name – The name of your app, this will show on your apps consent screen

  • Icon – This is the icon shown to users during authentication and installation

  • Description – Add a brief description about what the app does

  • Product Scope – Which Teamwork products your app intends to use. You must select at least one however, this may be updated. If needed, it will require your users to consent to access APIs under the new scopes. 

  • Redirect URls – Return URI for your app, you must add at least one Redirect URl

From here, you’ll be presented with our app details screen, consisting of a “Credentials” tab. Navigate here, and you’ll see:

  • Client ID 

  • Client Secret 

  • Redirect URI

These credentials will need to be added to your App Login Flow: 

  • Adding client_id and redirect_uri to your first launchpad/login call 

  • Adding code, client_id, redirect_uri, client_secret to token.json. These are all required fields. 

Check out our complete guide on implementing App Login Flow here

Step 3: Notify Teamwork for app verification

When this change is implemented, your app must be verified by the team  at Teamwork, so please reach out to us at when you’ve made the updates outlined above.

At Teamwork, we’re working hard to give our integration build partners and developer community the best tools in order to extend our platform, and your own partner ecosystem.

As mentioned, all apps and integrations using App Login Flow will require to be registered with the Developer Portal, otherwise no tokens will be issue from the 31st August 2021.

If you have any questions, please reach out to