Tasks are the bedrock of Teamwork Projects and this month we’ve made some great improvements to make your workflow more efficient. Here’s a roundup of everything you might have missed.

Task lists have always been a firm favourite with our customers. One of the hardest working features in Teamwork Projects, they allow you to rinse and repeat your most used processes to create super efficient workflows. Now you have even greater flexibility when working with task list templates. We’ve built the option to add subtasks from templates — meaning you can save time and make your templates even more granular by adding standard subtasks to your workflow as well as parent tasks. Learn more about adding subtasks from templates.

Bulk editing is a big time saver for users who work with large volumes of task lists. Previously, bulk editing options were limited to changing task properties, such as assignee, tags, and dates. We wanted to add more functionality when working with tasks so we’ve added the following bulk edit options:

  • Modify tasks

  • Move tasks

  • Copy tasks

  • Complete tasks

  • Delete tasks

We’ve also added the bulk “Reassign” option to the everything area, whereas previously it was only available within individual projects, giving you more flexible ways to work with your tasks. Learn more about bulk editing options.

Adding a follower to a task is a great way of keeping certain stakeholders or team members in the loop on the progress of a task, without having to assign it directly to them – almost like cc-ing somebody on an email. You can also choose weather they get notified of all changes to that task or just certain updates. Now, instead of having to scroll through your entire user list when you want to add a follower, you can use our new search option to speed up this process. Learn more about adding followers to tasks.

Previously, if a user had been deleted you could still see their time logs, comments, and general project activity. However, there was no way to view only their activity. We’ve added a new filter option to “include deleted users” so you can view their project activity in isolation. Learn more about working with filters.

If you use subtasks to break down an activity into further steps but don’t want those subtasks cluttering up your board columns, you can now quickly hide the subtasks and just view the parent tasks to get an easier overview of what’s going on. If you want a more granular view, you can easily add your subtasks back in. Learn more about working with subtasks on board view.

Now you can easily change the column for a task or project when viewing the task detail page or the project overview page. This means you no longer need to leave your current view and switch to a board to change a column.  As always, we build features and enhancements based on feedback from our customers, so let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see added to Teamwork Projects by leaving a comment below or contacting support@teamwork.com..