Not all days are workdays – skip weekends has arrived to the Gantt chart!

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This month, our team has been making some brilliant new improvements and updates to Teamwork Projects. One of the most recent updates is on the highly popular Gantt chart. Usually, the very mention of the words “skip weekends” would cause most of us to panic, but in this case, we’re sure you’ll be happy to hear that we have just added the ability to skip weekends to the Gantt chart feature in Teamwork Projects.

Introducing the ‘Skip Weekends’ Feature

The biggest benefit of using a Gantt chart to visually organize your project is the clarity it brings to the size and scale of the project. The chart gives a clear and simple overview for everyone involved in the project. This latest addition to Teamwork Projects goes one step further by giving you the option to skip weekends for project start dates or ending dates.

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If you’re already using the Gantt chart feature in Teamwork Projects, then you’ll understand what a valuable improvement this is. Previously, you needed to manually adjust dates, which not only took time, but likely caused problems when it came to scheduling tasks for your team. With the Skip Weekends update, you’ll now have better control over how you schedule your work. We’ve also made some other helpful improvements to the Gantt that will make viewing and analyzing the chart much easier. You now have the option to show item name, show the assigned people or show the task duration. You can instantly get a useful overview of how your project is progressing, which helps you make better decisions and deliver improved outcomes.

How to Use ‘Skip Weekends’

If you’re a user of the Gantt chart in Teamwork Projects, you’ll be happy to know that enabling “skip weekends” and using the viewing options is really easy and is just a couple of clicks away.

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Simply move to the bottom left of the tasks screen and select Gantt chart. From there, click “settings” and you will open a quick view with multiple options. Enabling the “Skip Weekends” option will then remove all Saturdays and Sundays from the Gantt chart and temporarily move any conflicting tasks or milestones. Where tasks were due on the weekend, their due date will now fall on a Friday. Similarly, tasks with a Saturday or Sunday start date will be pushed out to Monday. Further information is available in this article from our help docs site. Please note, the “Skip Weekends” feature only applies to the Gantt chart and as of yet has not been added to either the List View or Board View on tasks. This is something we are considering for a future release. Finally, we’ve added some options that will make adjusting tasks on the chart a whole lot simpler for you. In the editing section of Gantt settings, you can select your default dragging mode. This will save you a whole lot of time because you won’t need to adjust these tasks manually.

Tell Us What You Think!

This was a highly requested feature among our users, so we’re excited to see how this will improve how you interact and work with the Gantt chart. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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