Formatting messages and comments is an important part of getting across the correct context to project members or clients. 

We’ve offered Markdown as a way to achieve this, but over time we have received quite a bit of feedback, both in support of Markdown and from those who find it difficult to use. 

This month we have introduced the ability to choose either Markdown support or the use of a WYSIWYG Editor. 

The really great thing about this update is that it’s a personal preference and not an account-wide setting, so each user can pick the editor they wish to use. 

To select the editor you want to use, first click on your Profile icon in the top right, then click on Edit my details. 

Now from the lightbox select the Preferences tab; the last item on the list is ‘How would you like to compose messages/comments?’

From here you can choose to use either the plain text with Markdown support or an HTML editor with formatting options.

Save Details and you are done.