What's new in Teamwork.com | September 2022

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You’ve probably seen us give a few sneak peeks at some of this month’s releases—some of which have been in the works for several months. While it hasn’t always been easy keeping them a secret (hence several teases in the past few newsletters—we just couldn’t help ourselves!), we couldn’t be more excited to roll out the red carpet for this month’s roundup. 

Unlock the power of Custom Reporting

It might not always be glamorous work, but robust and accurate reporting is part of the day-to-day work of anyone doing client-focused work. And while the current reporting options within Teamwork.com help you achieve insight-filled reports for both individual and team-wide projects, we’re about to do you one better.

With the introduction of Custom Reports, you now have the ability to pick and choose specific criteria to build out your own unique reports. Whether you want to drill down into particular data through dates, filters, or user permissions, Custom Reports allow you to collect and report on the information that matters most to you and your clients.   

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Plus,  you can set user permissions and add internal teammates to receive the report. So even if your teammate doesn't have access to create reports—only Site Administrators can—they still see information that’s relevant to them.

Here’s a quick example of what your next (or first!) Custom Report might look like: Maybe you’ve been noticing the time estimates you’ve given a client aren’t lining up exactly like you thought they might. Enter Custom Reports, which allow you to create a brand new user-focused report so you can compare estimated time with actual logged time. That way, you can better ensure your time estimates going forward are as accurate as can be. And if need be, you can even show your client the proof of your work with the Custom Report. 

As you can imagine, there are an abundance of Custom Reports that can help you drill down into everything from Projects to Milestones to Users—it’s all at your fingertips right now within your Teamwork.com account. And stay tuned for even more customizable reporting features coming soon.

New time logging enhancements on mobile

Get your phones handy, because the latest update to the Teamwork.com iOS and Android mobile apps is a game-changer for anyone doing billable or non-billable client work. 

Whether your device of choice is an iPhone or an Android, you can now set the duration of time being logged straight from the app. 

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Instead of selecting your start time and end time within a task (which let’s face it, can be tedious), you can use the duration picker to change the length of duration, then add a description directly from the time log for easy tracking. 

It’s everything that makes time logging within Teamwork a cinch, now made even more handy from the palm of your hand. 

Get your entire team on the same page (literally) 

For all you Site Administrators out there, there’s an easy way to get your entire team switched over to the new Teamwork.com. And all it takes is just one click on your part! Keep an eye out for the "Try New Teamwork.com" button in the top right corner of your account, where you’ll be prompted to switch over your whole team.

In order to take full advantage of the new Teamwork.com side navigation, we encourage you to make the switch by October 31.

So gather your crew around, put your hands in the middle together in a team hand-stack, and let out a cheer as you make the switch—all for one, and all for one on the new Teamwork!

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