What's new in Teamwork | November 2021

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We’re delighted to bring you exciting updates from Teamwork this month, featuring the new and improved Workload Planner, Table View in My Work, Ticket Templates, and our new emojis.

Introducing the new and improved Workload Planner 

With the updates we've made to the Workload Planner, it's now easier than ever to manage and understand your team’s capacity. 

Now you can see everyone’s workload day by day, with the option to drill down on a project at the task level to see who’s under or over capacity. 

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Never miss a due date with the new Table View in My Work

We’ve made it easier than ever to view and manage your daily and weekly tasks with the brand new My Work Table View! The My Work area can be used for an overview of your tasks, milestones, and events in one place. You can now view all of the tasks assigned to you across your Teamwork account in an interactive, sortable table.

To use this feature, simply go to the Home area of your site and select the My Work tab from the left sidebar.

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Save time with Ticket Templates (Premium plan +)

Within Teamwork Desk, you can now use our new Ticket Templates to pre-populate fields within a new ticket form to help speed up ticket creation. Choose from pre-populated fields like subject line, message body, assignee, type, source, and status. 

Or, add your own custom fields by covering the most common customer contact reasons. You can use your Ticket Templates to quickly populate these properties in new tickets as they are being created.

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Express yourself with our new emojis

We’ve expanded our simple “like” function to support a new range of emojis on internal notes in Teamwork Desk. Now you can respond to:

Good times

Bad times

Best times

Happy times

Sad times

This new feature allows you to acknowledge that you have seen a note without having to add a note response. To react to a note, simply open the ticket and scroll to the note in the thread. Click the emoji icon in the top right of the note area to access the emoji options and select whatever you want to be applied to the note!

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Automate reporting with Teamwork and Unito using Google Sheets

Unito’s two-way integrations with Teamwork let you automate your reporting across tools, without having to leave your preferred app. Unito can pull work data into a single Google Sheet in real-time from multiple tools, like Teamwork, Airtable, and Jira.

To use Unito’s Google Sheets integration, install the Unito add-on to your Google Workspace. You can find it by clicking Get add-on within any Google Sheet, and then simply search for "Unito for Google Sheets".

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Teamwork Mobile app updates

The latest Android update makes it easy to check how much time has been logged in the week, even if you manage a team - making sure everything is going to plan!

On both Android and iOS, just view the person's details and there you’ll find a colourful new card clearly indicating the logged time for that person for the current week. Also, ‘View logged time’ will give you a full breakdown of time logged across all projects.

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Project Information Sheet for iOS

Check out the latest updates, read through the announcement, and examine the description - all from the new Project Information Sheet.

For those of you with complex project names, don’t worry! You can copy the title in the app. The new Project Information sheet is available as one of the menu options within your Project Hub.

We hope you find value in these new features and as always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment in the comments section below or contact us at support@teamwork.com with any questions.

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