We’re back with our monthly behind-the-scenes look at the latest and greatest updates across the Teamwork platform. From new features for Desk to mobile enhancements and more, there’s something for everyone—let’s dive in!  

With the ability to quickly add Unplanned Tasks from within the Workload Planner, organizing your team’s work just got even easier. 

In the past, Tasks have had to include certain criteria (like due date and estimated time) in order to appear in the Workload Planner. Now, with Unplanned Tasks, work that hasn’t been tracked can now be added to the Workload Planner simply by dragging and dropping Tasks onto the timeline. 

Showing how unplanned tasks can be dragged and dropped into the timeline

Note that this update is available for users on Premium/Grow subscriptions and above—find out more here

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you’ll notice improvements to your mobile experience thanks to our most recent updates.  

For Android users, you can now view a list of people in a Project to get more context into who’s included in your work. 

Showing a full list of people within a project on mobile

Plus, you can now mark all notifications as “read'' directly from the Notifications screen. 

Android notifications are easily marked as read or unread

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve made performance improvements to ensure that completing and un-completing tasks feel faster and snappier. 

If you’re an iOS user, there’s good news for you as well! Notifications can now be filtered by “read” and “unread,” helping you keep track of which ones you have and haven’t seen. 

iOS notifications are filtered as read or unread

By connecting your Google account during the export process, you can now easily export reports to Google Sheets! The Google Sheets export option is also accessible in the following subsections of the Everything area: Time, Tasks, and Completed Tasks. 

Reports can be exported using Google Sheets

We’ve made enhancements to user rates, so you can easily and accurately bill out individual users to your clients at a set rate, a client-specific rate, or a default project rate. 

A GIF of billable user rates being set

Once the rates are set, any logged time on a project is automatically calculated as part of your project budget, allowing you to track that budget and make any adjustments to ensure you hit your overall financial goals. Get the full feature rundown here.

Introducing our new automation trigger, which lets you set up notifications for when you’ve gone over—or are approaching—a task's estimated time. It’s the perfect solution for helping you plan and prioritize your tasks as efficiently as possible. 

An image of time-based automations being implemented

You can even pair this trigger with any other existing actions, including “Add tag” or “Move task.” Find out more details about implementing this trigger here

And there you have it! Let us know if you have any questions—you can always reach us at support@teamwork.com.