We’re delighted to bring you some exciting new updates from across the Teamwork Platform this month.

From updated User Rates, multiple forms per project, dedicated Project Channels, and the new Events, we hope you love these new features just as much as we do!

Now you can apply both billable AND cost rates for individual users and clients on your site. Cost rates can be set at the site level, and billable rates can be set at the site and project level. Check out this functionality here.

This gives you the flexibility to easily set or update rates on a per-project or cross-project basis. Finally, you can also set a default project billable rate across all your billable resources on a project.

Managing your work requests just got even easier: you can now create multiple forms per project. With the new list view, you'll see the forms you’ve created, which are accepting responses, and how many responses you have for each.

Via the more Options menu, simply copy existing forms from one project to another, or from inside the same project, saving you time. Check out this functionality here.

Dedicated Project Channels bridge the gap between your team’s Slack channel and your Teamwork projects. You can now receive real-time live updates on your Teamwork tasks directly within your Slack channel.

You can also respond to new tasks within seconds of receiving them via Slack. This allows you to focus on getting the job done.

Last but not least, we’ve added Slash commands!

Too busy to launch the iOS Teamwork app, but still need to know what’s coming up?  

No problem.  

Introducing Events. If you have a lot of meetings, you'll definitely appreciate this one.

The Events widget shows your next few events (you can choose how many), so every time you glance at your phone, you’ll know exactly what’s next on the schedule.

For those on Android, if you wanted your tasks to be more like desktop, you now have that option. You can now view all of your tasks and tasks lists together on one screen.

This is a great option for those who are used to the desktop view. But what’s the secret behind this screen? It’s going to allow our team to add even more powerful features in upcoming releases, so keep an eye out.

We hope you find value in these new features and as always if you’ve any questions or feedback, please contact us at support@teamwork.com, or leave a comment below.