We have had quite a few updates lately but I have been a bit slack with putting together blog posts to highlight these new features or updates to existing ones.
Over the next few days I’m going to put the head down and try to get these blog posts out so you can see all the wonderful things we have been working on for you all.
The first update I would like to talk about was the one Dan carried out to the Notebooks page. I know a lot of you really liked the update that was carried out a few months ago which updated the look of this feature as well as adding some new functionality, such as the lock while editing option.
The latest update to this section is small but very handy and was based on all the feedback we received. You all really liked the new look and functionality, but some of you really  missed the layout of the old version, myself included.
New grid view for notebooks
Well, the great news is that we listened and we have now added the ability to view the Notebooks page in either list or the old style grid view.
To change the view just use the View Select in the top right-hand corner.

New grid view for notebooks
Once again, thanks to all of who you gave us feedback on this.